How to make animated GIFs in Canva pro

Design today is one of the most enjoyable jobs to do. Due to the growing boom in technology, it is becoming easier to make drawings, templates and animations. That is why today’s appointment is to learn how to make animated GIFs in Canva pro and insert them into Giphy.

And, thanks to this same technology, it is not necessary to be a designer to  create animations for social networks . All you have to do is go to pages like Canva, which have such a simple interface that you can make designs that are more and more daring and polished (as well as more complex animations).

Choose a template and edit it

To clear things up before starting the process of making animated GIFs in Canva pro and embedding them in Giphy, you should know that the title of the article is not being specific for pleasure. GIFs can only be created with the pro (paid) version of Canva. 

If you are one of the users who have it or are willing to pay for it (it doesn’t cost much), the first thing you have to do is obviously log in.

Then look for posts for Instagram in the search bar to find templates that you can use to give them movement, the size is not required to be specific and they are not for Instagram either, but this is one of the best options to make the GIFS look good. (Also by learning to use them you can also design stories for instagram easily).

Select the one you want by double-clicking it with the mouse, so that the program will take you to the design area. Once there, go to the section that contains your personal photos in Canva, which you can identify as the icon that has a cloud with a downward arrow.


While in this, drag the photos you want to add to the template, to adapt the design to your person (the photos will be added automatically to the available frames).

When you have finished editing everything you want (filters, colors, among others), it is time to give movement to the image to turn it into a GIF.

Make animated GIFs in Canva pro and insert them in Giphy

When you already have your correct image, you must proceed to select the option that is located at the top right called ” Download “, when you touch it, it will display several options where the last one will be “MP4 or GIF Animation “, press it.

This in turn will display a small window where you can choose the type of animation you want to use and the speed you want to give it (next to it there is a preview box so that you can guide yourself).

Once you have finished editing everything to your liking, choose in which format you want to download the work, they are: “Vi d eo” or ” Gif “. The main difference between the two is that the video can be uploaded to a social network such as Instagram , while the Gif has other uses. When you have decided, press ” Download ” and that’s it.

With that you will have already completed the first part of how to make animated GIFs in Canva pro and insert them in Giphy?

Embed in Giphy

Now to insert it into the page called Giphy , you must first register on it and log in, then touch the button called “ Upload ” that is found in the upper right part of the website.


Here it will give you several options to load your GIF, touch the first one which allows you to search your PC for those files saved in this format, select the one you want and that’s it. It should be noted that on this same page, GIFS can also be created, but it is much easier to make them in Canva and then upload them.

And ready with that last thing, you already know everything you need to be able to make animated GIFs in Canva pro and insert them in Giphy. So don’t wait any longer, go quickly to your account and start designing those wonderful GIFS that you longed to create. And once you learn it, it will be time to learn how to do other things like make a pixel effect in Canva or create custom QR codes , everything will depend on you.


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