How to make and write the copyright symbol on a Mac or PC?

Computer keyboards can have small combinations that manage to make different symbols and letters, learn to type the copyright symbol .

Since there are currently basically a couple of keyboards, the Mac and the traditional keyboards, here you will find both options and some additional information.

What to do to write the copyright symbol on Mac or PC?

The keyboard of Mac and PC may look the same, but if you look closely, you may discover that they really are quite different, so it is necessary to talk about each.

Copyright symbol on Mac

Speaking of the Mac keyboard, it is normal to get a bit complicated by its buttons that can be quite different from what most are used to.

To make the symbol in question, the combination is quite simple, press ” Option ” and “G”, of course, do it at the same time. With this combination you will easily obtain that small circle with the letter C inside, this is very useful for uploading content to the internet.

Write copyright symbol on PC

A keyboard that has been known for many years, the combinations that can be achieved by the copyright symbol are two, they are explained below. The first option is the simplest, it can work perfectly with laptops and desktop computers, you just have to combine three keys and that’s it.

To achieve this, press “Ctrl”, “Alt”, ” C ” you must do it in this order to achieve writing the copyright symbol, otherwise it does not work.

On the other hand, the ASCII code always provides a code that can be used to achieve this symbol, keep in mind that the ideal is to have a numeric keyboard.

Mainly, press the “Alt” key and then, with your numeric keyboard, type the code “0169”, with this it is easy to achieve the symbol you need.

Are there other options for making or writing the copyright symbol?

Although key combinations are perhaps the easiest way to achieve this symbol , there will always be a way that’s three times as easy.

Many people who need this symbol for specific uses prefer to simply copy and paste it from any document or web, they do it quickly. That is why here we leave you a copyright symbol in case you want to copy it “©”, it is only necessary to adapt it to what you need .

This option is the fastest, you really don’t need more than a few clicks to get a symbol that can have value within web pages.

What are the uses of the copyright symbol?

Copyright is a legal matter that can lead to great legal conjecture, the copyright symbol, although it may not seem like it, has a great value in this situation.

Today, the use of the internet has made many literary works, ideas and much more content easily distributed. Copyright is translated as copyright , which determines who owns the work and who can profit from it. .

This is why it is so necessary to include this symbol in any contribution that is made, especially if it is in a medium where it can be disseminated and plagiarized.

Using this symbol you make it clear that there is someone who owns the rights to the document you publish, preventing someone else from claiming it as their own. What is recommended is to use this symbol accompanied by the name of the author and the year of publication, thus making the important data clear.

We hope that this article has been very useful and you can write the copyright symbol with great ease, protect your work .


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