How to Make and Use a Treasure Map in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world and construction video game. If you like this game and want to learn how to create a map and how to use it , this article is for you. Today we will show you how to create and use a treasure map in Minecraft.

Next, we will explain step by step how to make and use a treasure map in Minecraft from PC, console and mobile devices.


  1. How to make a treasure map in minecraft
    1. Melt the iron bars
    2. make the compass
    3. Make the treasure map
  2. How to use the treasure map in Minecraft

How to make a treasure map in minecraft

The first thing you should know is how to read a treasure map in Minecraft . To make your map you will need a workbench, a furnace and materials. You can use the bench to make the map and the oven to make the components of the compass. This is the list of materials you need:

  • Sugarcane: Sugarcane has green stems and usually grows near watercourses. You need 9 stems.
  • Iron Ore: Similar to a gray block, but with orange chunks. You need 4 minerals.
  • Fuel: You can use any material that can be ignited. You need 4 blocks, which can be made of wood, coal or coals.
  • Red stones: They resemble a gray stone but with bright red spots. You need a lot of stones.

Melt the iron bars

After collecting the materials, open the furnace by right-clicking (PC) or left-clicking (console), or on mobile devices, by clicking on the top of the furnace. Put the iron ores in the upper box of the furnace and then put the fuel in the lower box. This is how the oven works.

Place the iron bars in your inventory, select the bars, and then select a free space in your inventory . For gear versions, simply click on an item to put it directly into your inventory.

make the compass

  1. To create the compass, you need to place the red stone post on the center squareof the grid.
  2. Then, place an iron rod in thetop, center, bottom, left center, and right center squares.
  3. A compass symbol willthen appear . On the mobile version, tap the ” sword ” tab and then the compass symbol. On the console version, select the ” Equipment ” tab, find the compass symbol, and press A (Xbox) or X (PS).
  4. Now move the compass to the inventory, just select the compass and then the inventory.

This way you will have a compass for your treasure map in Minecraft.

Make the treasure map

To make the treasure map in Minecraft , you must do the following:

  1. You have to make 9 leaves by putting 3 candy canesin the bottom left square, 3 in the bottom center square, and 3 in the bottom right square.
  2. On the device version, tap the bed-shaped ” Object ” icon and then the white paper-shaped icon. On consoles, select « Object», then the « Paper » icon and press A or X . Once the paper is ready, you can add it to inventory.
  3. Now that you have created the paper, you can start creating the treasure map. Place the compass in the center square of the grid, and then place the sheet of brown paper.
  4. This paper is the map. Under devices, tap Gear and select the map icon. On consoles, tap the map icon, then tap A or X . Now start filling in the map.
  5. Afterwards, you can create a map in Minecraft using the map table. This type of table will help you to expand the vision of the terrain.

How to use the treasure map in Minecraft

When you create a treasure map in Minecraft, it will be empty. You have to fill it by putting the map in your character’s hand and moving from one place to another. At this time, it will be very useful to see the coordinates in minecraft to know where you are and also to make markers in minecraft so you don’t lose a location.

  1. To open the treasure map, right-click on PC. In the mobile version, long press the screen. On the console version, tap the ” Create Map ” option at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The treasure map will fill in in the direction your character is facing.
  3. You will see a white dotthat appears on the map, this is your character.

As you can see, creating a treasure map in Minecraft requires a few simple steps .


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