How to Make an Interactive Game in PowerPoint

Many psychologists claim that the best way to learn is through play, especially when it comes to children. But, as much as we want to let our children educate themselves and can be stimulated in different ways , it is not a good idea to let them enter the internet or use the computer freely depending on their age.

This is because of things that you can easily find on the internet that may not end up being suitable for your age. This makes that, as parents, we look for the best ways to stimulate our children without fear that they may end up having a bad experience.

Actually, there are tons of ways to stimulate them, whether it’s through board games, drawings, crafts, age-appropriate video games , and much more. But if we really have no choice, we can let them play on the computer always under our supervision.

In fact, computers have several tools that allow us to make games suitable for our children, and we do not need to do very complicated things or have too much knowledge on platforms like RPG Maker or programs like that.

If you have enough creativity, you can play all kinds of games that exercise your child’s creativity and psychomotor skills, but everything will depend on your patience. You can use programs like Paint so that it can draw on the computer itself or change the color of images , and you can even make it read interactive encyclopedias .

But, if there is something that you can easily do and that can vary a lot depending on what you have in mind, it is a game in PowerPoint. That’s right, you can make a game within PowerPoint very easily if you follow the following tutorial.

Why PowerPoint?

Through the tools that PowerPoint provides, you can make your child also set his imagination to fly by painting whatever he wants by using the drawing toolbar . But something that he will surely love is that you can make him different games of choice, which can be made with different themes in mind. You see, if making a game that is a kind of ” Questions and answers ” you can make your child exercise his knowledge a lot.

You can even make a game that is a kind of dialogue adventure, making sure that each time your child makes a choice in the dialogue that he wants to say, he can take him to a new area.

The sky really is the limit, but you can end up making a pretty elaborate PowerPoint game to your child without the need for a lot of programs or deep knowledge.

In fact, this is a resource that works very well in class to make a didactic or interactive presentation for the whole class, or also in work meetings to show a project.

Making a game from PowerPoint

Making a game in PowerPoint is a matter of patience, diligence, and creativity; since it really is not as such a very difficult task. To be able to make an interactive game through PowerPoint, you just have to follow the following instructions:

Start by opening a blank PowerPoint document, and once inside you must select a background on which you want to start working.

Now, go to the first slide and put a small title for the game, as well as the creation of some buttons that will be the game menu, in these you can put things like ” start game ” and “instructions”.

On the next slide, you can put the game instructions and two more buttons, one that says “start game” and another that indicates that it is to return to the main menu.

After this you can start making all the slides you want, perhaps in the mode of a quiz game with different options.

Remember, you must make a slide that is the slide that has lost the game in case he makes a bad choice and one that he has won, which can tell him that he has won the game.

And, in order to make it interactive, you must click on the “Insert” menu and then on “Action”, and then select ” Hyperlink to “.

Use this option to make one option take you to another so that you can finish the game, remembering that you can use all kinds of images and visual resources to have a good result.


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