How to make an Instagram account private

At some point you would be interested in making your Instagram account private and the truth is that you can do it very easily from the mobile application for certain circumstances, the best thing is that it is a reversible process that you can undo later whenever you want.

Converting a public account to private can come, above all, to avoid prying eyes of the content you publish on your Instagram profile by people who follow you, one of the main reasons why people block access to their account .

In other words, when an Instagram account is private, it means that you cannot see if their stories , or who follows them, or who they follow and, of course, the videos or photos that they can upload in the form of publications. This affects people who don’t follow you.

How to view a private Instagram profile

You can convert your Instagram profile from public to private in a few steps, they are the ones shown below:

  • Open Instagram and click on the profile icon, then click on the menu button on the top right and enter the “settings” option .
  • Then click on “privacy” . Finally, activate the “private account” box and in a few seconds your account will be closed from the eyes of people who are not yet your followers.

From the Instagram website

You will know that Instagram can be accessed from your computer for a long time to consult the live streams , view your feed, see stories of the people you follow and others, but you can also modify certain parameters of your profile settings , including visibility of this.

Therefore, you can also change your account from public to private, following these steps:

  • Open the Instagram website from your computer’s browser and log in with your access data (username and password). Now click on your profile image on the top bar and enter “settings”.
  • Next, click on the “privacy and security” option .
  • To finish select the box “private account” and voila.

Questions and answers about private Instagram accounts

Surely you have some questions about the implications of having the account as private, if there is any limit and others, we will clarify them below.

Is there a limit?

No, you can change your account to private and make it public again as many times as you want, although it is better that you do not abuse this possibility, as it happens with other things that you can do on the social network and that are part of the limits of Instagram you should know .

What does it mean to have your private account?

When you convert your account from public to private, it is no longer visible to all people who are not your followers. In that case, those people will not be able to see your friends list, nor the people you follow, nor your Stories or publications. Yes, they will be able to follow you, send you messages or even mention you.

How can I see the profile of someone who has the private account?

There is no such possibility, the only way to access their profile is for you to send them a request to follow them and for the person to follow you because for those users it does not imply any change.

Can I make a professional account private?

If you have a company or professional profile, it can also be made private, although it is not the most recommended because probably as a company you are interested in having an open profile so that all people see what you post and thus decide whether to follow you or not.

Knowing what the use of setting your private account on Instagram is , you can decide from now on whether to convert it or not at all times, it is likely that at some point you will want to do it, but if you have a professional profile it may not be the most appropriate because you will take away visibility.


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