How to make an experience farm in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that to finish you need to defeat the dragon found in “The End” . This task is not easy and tends to come down to the levels of experience that are acquired. To save many hours of work, learn how to make an experience farm in Minecraft.

At the beginning of the game, the experience is not very useful and therefore its obtaining is underestimated. However, it is the main material to be able to enchant any element of the game and a lot of it is necessary.

To get experience faster it is required to kill many monsters, chop some types of blocks, among other actions. Therefore, the best option to get it is to make an experience farm in Minecraft.

Requirements to make an experience farm in Minecraft with Monster Spawn

This is one of the types of experience farms that can be created . The difference lies in the need for a monster spawn, as this component will ensure the constant generation of enemies and thus increase efficiency.

To start you need to have two buckets of water, 16 posters, several iron picks and the monster spawn. With these elements it will be enough to create the farm.

Because Spawn is complex to find, it is important to dedicate yourself to searching the dungeons carefully for it and being careful not to destroy it. It should be noted that when finding it, it is necessary to place torches on all its sides because this way it will not produce more monsters.


Method to build an experience farm in Minecraf

The first thing that must be done is to enlarge the room where the monster spawn is located to a size of nine cubes by nine cubes, with a depth of two blocks below the spawn and four blocks above it will be enough.

With this room already built, proceed to lower a deep block on one of the sides and glued to the wall. Then in another space outside the room you must open an area of ​​two by two blocks and place a bucket of water in one corner and the other bucket in the opposite corner, thus generating infinite water (obviously for this you must know how to make a bucket, bucket or bucket ).

The buckets are then filled and placed on the opposite side to where the trench was opened. This will cause the monsters that are spawned to fall into the water and the current redirects them towards the ditch.

A water block should be placed at each end in the trench. And in the middle block between the length of the trench, a hole two blocks high and four blocks deep must be opened. In the fourth space the water must not reach and all sides must be closed so that there are no escapes from the enemies.

Building the elevator and dropping the monsters to make the farm


With the main room closed, it is necessary to go to the fourth block of the aforementioned corridor . There open 23 blocks up, counting the two that are open for the player to be.

With the 23-block column, an eight-block long corridor must be opened at the top and in the opposite direction to the main room.

The next thing to cause the monsters to go up is to place a sign on one side of the first block of the 23 column. Then in the second block of height you must place a water block and alternate them until you reach the top where you must place a last one to generate the current.

At the other end of the upper corridor , a hole 21 blocks deep must be opened. Upon reaching that number, a room must be made and the sides of the hole closed so that it is only one block away from the floor.

Finally, you must remove the torches from Spawn and wait in the other room to hit the monsters and kill them, thus obtaining the experience.

Now that you are ready, you can face the dragon, and also start building more complicated things like a slime farm , or a honey bee farm .


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