How to Make an Ascending Leaderboard in Excel

There are various aspects of daily life where leaderboards are continuously used, in order to accommodate the organization with which the information is displayed within it.

This group of data allows categorizing each of the objects that are part of the list that the user wishes to sort, either in ascending or descending order, and thus facilitate the analysis and location of information within said table.

Thanks to the technological advances that are shown in this century, the days of crafts are in the past, since Microsoft Excel allows you to design different types of tables of positions that a person needs to create.

Being able to use each of the functions is really simple, so you just have to keep reading this article to learn how to design it.

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  1. How can you create the leaderboards in Excel?
  2. Excel methods for sorting a leaderboard

How can you create the leaderboards in Excel?

These elements work in an efficient way when it comes to ordering and classifying the information that is handled, which displays data in columns and rows that subscribe to a variable and its diverse number of values.

The same thing happens in Microsoft Excel, since in its aesthetics each cell becomes the row or column box that the user needs to enter the information.

In this way, to design a ranking of positions in an organized way, a certain row can be taken to assign the variables of said table. Also, each row that is displayed below will contain the type of element and value mentioned above, which reflect the information that needs to be analyzed.

It should be noted that, to design a ranking correctly, there are a number of criteria that must be applied to classify the data properly.

Excel methods for sorting a leaderboard

This program designed by Microsoft developers has a diverse number of functions that are responsible for facilitating tasks , either through a click or a certain code that orders the fulfillment of the skill.

Sort ascending or descending via the toolbar

When creating a ranking to classify each element based on a position, it is known that the insertion of information will be constant, therefore the table needs to acquire a dynamic character .

In this way, it will be kept updated and said information will be taken into account to modify the positions whenever necessary.

Once the data has been entered into the spreadsheet, the range containing the information must be selected, which will help the system to generate the position corresponding to its values.

Within the “Data” tab of the toolbar, there is a section that offers various options for ordering. Among these are two icons that reflect an “A” and a “Z”, accompanied by an arrow, which will indicate the ascending or descending order that the user wishes to use.

Sort ascending or descending through formulas

The tables of positions that are displayed within the Excel spreadsheets can also be modified based on the formulas with which the program works.

In this case, ” HIERARCHY.EQV ” is the code used to give the modification order to the selected data range; in the case of those who have versions prior to Excel 2010, they only have to write the word ” HIERARCHY “.

The number of cells that make up the range is entered together with the formula, from the column that composes it and the cell where it begins and ends. In the case of sorting the data in ascending order, the terms ” INDEX ” and ” MATCH ” are used.

With the aforementioned, within the formulas, “Index” will be placed first, which defines the range to be used, and “Match” is responsible for defining the position of the new column or row, and the direction in which it will be organized. .

Either the way you prefer to order the leaderboards, you know that Excel will allow you to design them, so at the end you will only have to add colors, disappear the grid lines , among others, in order to finalize your ranking.


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