How to make an Alexa video call

Alexa with her echo devices allows us to do more every day. Among the many features of the Amazon echo devices equipped with a screen (the echo show and echo spot family) there is also the possibility of making video calls. In this guide I will explain how to make an Alexa video call both using Amazon’s native function for video calls and using the fully integrated skype service in echo devices. Let’s see both the procedures that I anticipate right away, they work great and are completely free.

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  • How to make an Alexa video call
  • How to make a Skype call with Alexa

How to make an Alexa video call

You can video call with alexa both from your echo device with a screen (the echo show and echo spot family) and directly from your smartphone via the Alexa app (available for both iOS and Android).

You can perform an alexa video call with Amazon’s native function to all echo devices (obviously equipped with a screen) that do not have the do not disturb function set as well as to all smartphones that have the alexa app installed.

So the big limitation is that alexa’s video calling feature will only be able to call and receive video calls from Amazon echo devices or smartphones with the Alexa app installed.

video call with alexa from your smartphone

If you want to make an alexa video call directly from your smartphone you will have to open the Alexa app and press the communication button (button in the menu at the bottom of the page). Then click on the word call in the upper part of the window and then select the desired contact from the list or using the search field at the top.

Once the contact has been selected, press the Alexa video call button and the video call will start.

video calling with alexa from an echo device

To video call with alexa directly from the Amazon echo device, simply say “ Alexa, make a call to (contact name )” where contact name is the name of the person you want to call in the Alexa address book. To stop the video call, just say “Alexa, end the call” .

Obviously the quality of incoming and outgoing calls depends on the available bandwidth for both the caller and the receiver.

How to make a Skype call with Alexa

As I told you, Alexa calls have the huge limitation of being available only to Amazon devices or smartphones with the alexa app installed. Fortunately Alexa made available last year they have skype service on all echo devices equipped with a screen allowing you to video call any mobile phone or PC equipped with a skype client.

Obviously you will need to have an active skype account, so if you have not yet registered for skype you can do it for free from this page. Once you have an active skype account you will need to associate it with Alexa. To do this, open the alexa app from your smartphone and click on the button at the top left with 3 lines. A side menu will open where you have to select the settings item. Then select the item Communications and then skype .

Here all you have to do is enter your skype credentials (i.e. the credentials you normally use to access skype from a PC or smartphone) and once done Alexa will be ready to make a video call with skype.

Using skype with Alexa is extremely simple and functional, to make a skype alexa call all you have to do is say the voice command “Alexa, call Dude with skype” (you can also use the phone number as an alternative) and the video call will begin.

If, on the other hand, you are receiving a skype video call, your echo device will start ringing and just say “Alexa, Answer” to start the alexa skype video call. Really very simple.

The display of your echo will show the person calling you in full screen and in one corner of the screen will show the camera panel of your device.

When you receive a video call from skype all the echo devices connected to your Alexa account will ring at the same time, if you want only one device to ring you must set the do not disturb mode in the other echo devices.

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