How to make an advertising flyer with Microsoft Word?

Flyers are used in the area of ​​advertising, whether you want to learn to be aware of this option and its use in the labor market or you just plan to do your own advertising; Here we will provide you with a little information that will be useful when creating your own projects in Microsoft Word, and if you don’t have it, download this and the other tools that Microsoft offers you.

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  1. What should I keep in mind before making an advertising flyer in Word?
    1. Keep it simple
    2. Choose a readable font
    3. Eye-catching illustrations
    4. Use the name of your advertising
    5. Adequate resolution and quality
  2. How to modify the template of the flyers or advertising brochures in Word?
    1. Computer images
    2. Modify color and textures
  3. How to design my first advertising brochure or flyer with Word?

What should I keep in mind before making an advertising flyer in Word?

You should keep in mind when making a brochure the following things:

Keep it simple

It is necessary that this is not so overloaded, so that the brochure is something simple but complete that the need or attraction of the people who look at it is transmitted; highlighting the most important in short words.

In this way you get them to be interested in the product that you are making known with it, try to add a maximum of 3 colors, you will not want it to look overloaded; this way you will have a brochure according to people’s taste.

Choose a readable font

The typography, as well as the dramatic one, will always be your cover letter when writing, so it is better that you be very clear that when making a brochure or flyer it is very important that your font is good, so when the brochure being visible will give a good presentation to what you are explaining.

So try to choose a good font or typeface , people would not want to continue reading something that is difficult for them to read, they will choose to abandon reading your flyer no matter what is written there. If your brochure has a good font, it incorporates a good energy aside that will make it much easier for the public to read .

Eye-catching illustrations

The illustrations are the most important companion for the letters when it comes to providing an idea, this will help you give a concept to your subject so you will attract the eye of the beholder . Adding and editing images is a great resource for making your brochure or flyer stand out.

The brochure will have a good perspective with striking images, you just have to select them well because at the time of a first imprecision it will be the images that will catch the reader and with a good text included they will make a good impression and with this they will capture the idea you want to convey. in your brochure in the best way.

Use the name of your advertising

It is important that you make yourself known , that is why your name has to be well highlighted, with this you can also distinguish the idea that will be reflected in your brochure from another that contributes them.

Adequate resolution and quality

The resolution goes very hand in hand with the quality of the image , that is, having a very good resolution you will have a very good image with your appropriate quality for your brochure, the higher its resolution when printing your brochure the image it will look more like you had it captured at the time of doing it.

How to modify the template of the flyers or advertising brochures in Word?

Making a flyer may sound simple, but it may not feel like that. To make your flyer better or more personalized, you can follow the following recommendations to modify your templates in Word:

Computer images

To edit your computer image you will only have to press the image to edit, here an options bar will appear, you can choose to your liking, Word offers you many options to modify your photo, these are some of them:

  • Resize the image.
    1. When selecting it, a few dots will appear on it immediately on the corner of the photo, these are called controllers.
    2. These will help you to modify the dimensions of your imagein a way that will appear easy and very fast.
    3. You must drag the controllers to modify your photo, it is to your preference you can place it wider or smaller.
  • You can rotate your image.
    1. For this you must select the image.
    2. Here a controller will appear in the shape of a green Circle, when passing over it an arrow will appear which you can rotate.
    3. At this point he is giving you the option of how you want your image, if it is slanted right or how it best suits your brochure.
    4. Another option to rotate your image is to go to the ‘image toolbar’ then click on organize.
    5. Here you will see the option here it will show you new options to rotate 90 ° to the right or left.
    6. Choose what seems most comfortable for you.
  • Flip your image.
    1. For this you must do the following: Enter the ‘image toolbar’ then when it is here it will show you an option if you want to flip it vertically or horizontally.
  • Crop an image.
    1. It’s simple, you just have to access image tools.
    2. You enter <size>, then trim.
    3. Here it will show you some markers around the image you will only have to drag to choose what you are going to cut.
    4. Then press the Enter key.
  • Position the text before the image
    1. For this you will have to go to ‘image toolbar’.
    2. Then here you will see the option to select it to your preference.
    3. You can also adjust the text by clicking on the image then selecting Size and position.
    4. Here it will show you options that can help you with your brochure.

Modify color and textures

For this you will have the following steps:

  1. When you have your template in Word, go to the option that says design.
  2. Now choose the page color you want to use, here you have a lot of variety of colors, there are two options for theme colors or standard colors.
  3. If the color you want is not in these options, you can enter more colors and choose the tone of your preference.
  4. Now, to enter the textureyou can go to the effect and fill option, here you will have options to choose the one you prefer.

How to design my first advertising brochure or flyer with Word?

To create your first brochure in Microsoft Word you can follow these steps:

  • By having your template open, go to.
  • Then a box will appear in which you should look for a template of your choice.
  • Being in this template you must select it and choose to create.
  • Enter all the information you want to capture and images, you can decorate and edit everything you want.
  • Having your template ready, you can click on ‘save a copy to save the brochure’.
  • Then go to file and press print, you have to change the settings to manually print each side of the brochure.
  • Finally, since the configuration is manual, it is necessary to print one side first and then the other.


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