How to make a video call with Telegram

Are you looking for how to make a video call with Telegram ? Here are the instructions for one to one video calling from any device!

The daily use of instant messaging programs in many cases makes certain features such as secret chat , call or video call discounted . Among the most popular software for sending and receiving messages, there is certainly Telegram, a platform with infinite potential that entertains millions of users.

Although Telegram offers its users many functions, it is only a few months ago that it has included the one for making group video calls. In fact, until very recently it was possible to start a video call with another person but not with a group.

The need for smart working and above all interaction with more people has led Telegram to introduce group video calls, allowing everyone to have excellent stability and an excellent number of simultaneous connections. In the next few lines we will analyze how to make a video call with Telegram , whether it is addressed to a single person or a group, also taking a look at the secret ones.


  • One to one video call with Telegram? Here are the instructions!
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    • iOS
    • PC
  • How to make group video calls Telegram
    • Android
    • iOS
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  • Secret video call on Telegram: is it possible?
  • How to record a Telegram video call
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    • Third party apps
  • Telegram video call I do not see the other person
  • How to disable Telegram video calls

One to one video call with Telegram? Here are the instructions!

You will surely want to experience the stability and potential of Telegram in video calls, there are many applications for making video calls but many of these have a latency that is definitely not up to par. Let’s see how to start a video call, using Telegram, to another person; to make it easier for you we will divide the paragraphs by operating systems: Android, iOS and PC.


Start the official Telegram application for Android and search the address book for the person you want to make the video call with. Once found, press on its name then on the three overlapping dots , at the top right, to tap on the Video call item .

The same option can be reached by tapping the name of the person you want to video chat with, at the top, and tapping the video camera icon , next to the phone handset icon. The video call will start by itself and you will have to wait for the other person to answer, as for a normal call.


Start the official Telegram application for iOS and follow the same steps indicated for smartphones with the Android operating system.


As you can imagine, the process for the computer is slightly different. Start Telegram from your Windows, Linux or macOS computer, search for the person you want to communicate with and press their name to start the chat. At this point, just press on the telephone handset icon to initiate a call. A black screen will open with the option to activate or deactivate the camera .

On Telegram Web the One to One video call function is not present.

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How to make group video calls Telegram

As we anticipated in the previous lines, recently Telegram offers the possibility to start a group video call. Specifically, it is possible to insert more than 1000 participants in the video call , but this number is reset if you want to use this function on Telegram Web. The platform, in fact, has not yet implemented the possibility of making group video calls on Telegram Web.

But now let’s see how to make a video call with Telegram in a group.


Start Telegram for Android and make sure you have a group you can communicate with. Press on the group name and you will be directed directly into the chat, from here you have to press on the group name and Telegram will display the description of the group and its members. Press, at the top right, on the three dots above and select the option Start video chat . The program will start a voice chat where you can choose whether to use only the microphone or also the video.

Click, at the bottom left, on the video camera icon to join the video call. You can tap the Front Camera or Rear Camera items and again tap the Share Video button to allow other people to join the video call.

So already explained for messages, in the article how to program a message on Telegram , even for video calls it is possible to make scheduling. Next to the Start video chat button , schedule your video calls with the group by tapping the Schedule video chat item .


Start the official Telegram application for iOS and follow the same steps indicated for smartphones with Android operating system to make group video calls with Telegram.


Start Telegram and make sure you have a group you can communicate with. Press on the group name and you will be directed directly into the chat, here tap the option Start voice chat ( icon in the shape of a speech bubble after the magnifying glass icon). The program will start a voice chat where you can choose whether to use only the microphone or also the video.

Click, at the bottom left, on the video camera icon to join the video call. By selecting the item Invite members you can allow other people to participate in the video call.

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Secret video call on Telegram: is it possible?

Not everyone knows that it is possible to make a secret video call on Telegram . For this to happen it is necessary to first create a secret chat with the desired person and then start the secret video call.

Start Telegram and go to the address book by pressing on the pencil icon, at the bottom right. At the top you will see 3 options, select New Secret Chat and choose the person you want to communicate with. At this point, by pressing on the 3 dots at the top right you can start a video call in the secret chat. For further information I suggest you to read: How to make encrypted video calls with Gruveo .

How to record a Telegram video call

We are sure that at least once in your life you will have wanted to record a video call, perhaps because it is particularly funny or simply to remember what you said.

Since Telegram does not have this feature, you can take advantage of the built-in functionality of Android and iOS for screen recording.


For smartphones with the latest Android versions by accessing the Notification Center (Swipe from top to bottom) you can use the Record Screen tool .

After touching it, check the item Multimedia sounds and microphone, stop on Start recording . Wait for the countdown and at the end press on Stop (square icon). At the end the video will be available in the Gallery app in the Videos section .


If you have an iPhone , running iOS 13 and later , you can record the screen and capture the audio of the video call. That’s how:

  • Go to Settings> Control Centerand tap + next to Screen Recording .
  • Open Control Centerand tap on a circle icon and then wait for the 3 second countdown.
  • You can stop recording by opening the Control Centerand tapping the red circle icon or the red status bar at the top of the screen. Then click on Stop .
  • Open Photosand select your screen recording.

Third party apps

For those who own smartphones with older versions of Android and iOS, you can try one of the following third-party apps.

  • ACR Call Recorder( Android , iOS ): It is one of the best phone call recording apps around. It offers tons of features for free, such as: delayed recording start, sharing of recording parts, cloud uploads to email, search, evidence of the best recordings and so on.
  • Cube Call Recorder ACR( Android ): records incoming, outgoing and VoIP calls. By subscribing to the Premium version you can access some extra features that will improve your recording experience.
  • Call Recorder – IntCall( Android , iOS ): allows you to record both calls made and received. It is free and offers in-app purchases to take advantage of more advanced features.

Telegram video call I do not see the other person

Technical problems are always around the corner and although Telegram tries to guarantee maximum interactivity to its users, sometimes we get lost in the simplest things.

There are three main reasons for not seeing the other person.

  • Camera: Make sure you have activated the camera during the video call. At the bottom left, you will find the camera icon, if this is red or with an X on it, then you have not activated the camera, press on it and everything will return to normal.
  • Guest room: same reason as above, but in this case it is the other person who has removed access to the room.
  • Access permissions: you may have limited access to the microphone and camera to the Telegram application from the smartphone settings. Go to the Settings section and allow Telegram to access the camera and microphone. The authorizations are visible in the section Applications and information applications .

How to disable Telegram video calls

The following information applies to any platform: PC, Android and iOS.

Start Telegram and tap the icon with the three overlapping dashes and then go to the Settings section Then choose Privacy and security . In the sixth item you will see the words Calls , press on it and you can choose who can send you video call requests: Everyone, My contacts, None.

Check the entry None , if you want to disable Telegram video calls or check the entry All and then in Add exceptions , select the users who can video call you by tapping on Add users . When finished, tap the checkbox at the top right to save.

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