How to make a turn animation in SolidWorks

SolidWorks has a great 2D or 3D project creation system , representing an ideal option for graphic design professionals. It is a software that works under the function of a CAD system (computer-aided design) or computer-aided design. Which allows, among other things, to use tools such as making a rotation animation in SolidWorks.

This kind of effect added by the program is very useful to provide a better view of the work in general. With this maneuver, presenting any type of technical plan will obtain a better understanding and finish. So that the goal with the software is reached perfectly.

Advantages of using SolidWorks for graphic designs

The SolidWorks software can be downloaded from its official website , and guarantees the user a complete saving of time and effort, presenting a simple interface that is easy to decipher at the first moment. The artistic elements that it has included serve as powerful comrades that speed up the completion of the project. Generating a fluid and stable environment to settle it in the best conditions, gaining the trust of the user.

All projects executed with the application are easily modifiable or capable of undergoing last minute changes without presenting obstacles. This means that you can add effects like turning animation in SolidWorks to make the work particularly good in essence and considered critically acceptable by the public.

Within its design, SolidWorks allows the joint work with the Altium libraries to search for the resources necessary to carry out a work.


Remember that most designs are not autonomous and generally, it is urgent to look for alternative material that will serve as a guide during the future road to travel. Even if you want to insert and edit JPG images in SolidWorks, you can also do your research to make it great.

In turn, the program implements a policy that at all costs prevents a user from experiencing errors during the creation of their graphic design. The system has current design regulations and a search bar for immediate, simple and intelligent solutions to avoid the adversities that may alter the work environment you have created without much effort.

It has a sophisticated modification control system based on a series of tools that favor the correct storage of the design.

Guide to make a turn animation in SolidWorks step by step

Knowing perfectly the named features as far as SolidWorks is concerned, you will now be more familiar with the function of the software. Access the “Animation Wizard” to start the process of making a turn animation in SolidWorks.

When the corresponding window appears, select “Rotate model” and if other animations have been previously applied, you can choose to click “Delete all existing routes” to automatically dispense with them.

Press “Next” and you will now go to the axis-based rotation panel. There in the option “Select axis of rotation” choose both the “X” and the “Y” axis without forgetting the “Z” as the case required for the project.


The next thing to do a rotation animation in SolidWorks is to add a direction of rotation, pressing “Clockwise” or the vice versa option that is reflected there so that the opposite case occurs.

Once again, click “Next” to get to the animation options window. Place destined to assign the duration in seconds, the start time in the same unit and to finish the procedure in question by selecting “Finish”. Finally, click on “Save animation” to succeed with the creation of the effect.


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