How to make a professional fluid animation with Pivot Animator

Capturing a cartoon projection is a process that requires the intervention of many aspects, including editorials. So if you want to create a professional fluid animation, you may need to use an efficient program .

That is why in today’s article we recommend the use of Pivot Animator , a Windows tool. Dedicated to creating and improving the elements that constitute a professional fluid animation when carrying out a project with these characteristics.

This program is used by people who want to experiment with visual edits. Reason why its developers try to keep it updated to provide a comfortable interface, full of options to design and edit easily.

Pivot Animator, a software dedicated to improving the fluid and professional animation of a video

Its official name is Pivot Stickfigure Animator , and as its name implies, it is a software created to generate animations of figures with stick shapes .

Despite not being considered a “professional” edition by many users, this program is capable of generating high quality motion editions.

Since it is a displayed content, the main extension is the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format or Format of Interchangeable Graphics). Which is recognized by showing a style of continuous movement without losing its image character.

On the other hand, if you want to convert it into a multimedia file , it can be transported to Windows Movie Maker to achieve it.

Pivot development and functionality

The official operating system for this software is Windows. So it is an indispensable requirement when creating a professional fluid animation.

Regarding its usability, it has a very easy to understand interface. With the amount of features and tools necessary to work comfortably .

To ensure the professionalism of the result, use a “ fixed length of clubs ”. So that the size does not lose sense throughout the whole edition.

Likewise, it facilitates the process for the designer user, creating cartoon actions based on humor , combats and music, facilitating the export and publication process on other Internet sites such as YouTube.

Creating a professional fluid animation in Pivot: Step by step

After downloading the program for free and installing it on your computer, you can start by launching Pivot on your screen.

The software will display a small window that mainly displays: a white background, a stick figure, a toolbar on the left side, and three option tabs on the top.

To begin, click on “File” and select “Create figure” to form the elements that will make up the project through drawing elements. When finished, click on the “Save” option to insert.

This figure can be moved and duplicated as many times as you wish once it is captured on the white background, also modifying the arrangement of its body.

In the menu on the left side you have the opportunity to generate each sequence. Calculate the FPS of the reproduction, modify colors, background, zoom and other simple editing options.

Generate an animated sequence

Once each element of the frames has been designed, to create a professional fluid animation sequence it will only be necessary to start moving the figures.

In other words, with each movement adjustment of some element a “Frame” will be created. And as these changes increase, the desired fluidity will be generated.

This is evaluated through the “Play” button as many times as you want, and export in GIF format to the computer through the “File” option.

In conclusion, it has been demonstrated how simple it is Pivot Animator to generate the animation that many users want. Without losing the quality of design and editing that can worry you.

Now you only have to dedicate yourself to developing a sequence of images  attractive enough to publish through different media and to entertain a varied number of people with your ideas.


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