How to make a meeting in Zoom on iPhone

The video calling service is increasingly in demand on many platforms, but one of the most prominent is Zoom. This allows you to participate in a seminar from any device. If you have an iPhone device and you need to make a meeting, but you don’t know how , this article can help you.

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  1. What are the steps to create a new meeting in your ‘Zoom’ account?
    1. Schedule it from the Zoom web portal
    2. From the Zoom app
  2. How to share the link of your Zoom meeting to your contacts?
  3. How do you find your meeting ID number to share with your Zoom invitees?

What are the steps to create a new meeting in your ‘Zoom’ account?

When you need to have a meeting with some contacts, you must create a room in Zoom that allows you to summon other users in the same virtual space . To be able to do it on this platform, you just have to create an account on it, and no matter what device you use, the application works on most.

What you should keep in mind is that by summoning some contacts to discuss a topic at a certain time, it makes you the host of it. This role requires that you manage well the functions and options that can be used in the application.

You are also expected to organize in advance all aspects of the meeting that will favor the convocation and that will serve as a point of reference for those you invite. This will give you the seriousness that your call deserves and will guarantee its success.

Schedule it from the Zoom web portal

If you have a Zoom account and want to create a meeting from its web portal , you must first make sure you have an account on the platform. Second, log into your account and look for the Schedule meeting tab .

In this step you must have some clear aspects that will help you save time, such as: the time, the date, the duration, the subject, the password, the audiovisual resources to use. You must also establish if this meeting will be frequent to be noted on the calendar, if it will have alternative hosts and what functions will be active for the guests.

Once everything is configured, you can save the settings made on the platform and automatically when you invite your contacts and enter the room, they will be able to know what they can or cannot do during the session.

From the Zoom app

If you use Zoom from the application on an iPhone , the steps are the same as those mentioned in the previous section, only instead of being from the portal, you will do it directly in the application of your phone. First, you must enter the application, locate the Programming section and begin to analyze the aspects you can enable and which ones you will block for users.

These aspects range from enabling a waiting room, assigning alternative administrators, enabling private and public chat, allowing entry before the host, allowing guests to enter with audio and video, among others.

It is good to make clear that the fact of creating a room through an application does not mean that you can control fewer aspects than from the Web, since the platform gives you the same options regardless of the device .

How to share the link of your Zoom meeting to your contacts?

Once you have created your meeting, the platform will give you the option to copy the invitation so that you can send it to your contacts . You just have to copy all the text and go to the instant messaging you want to use. Select the contact and paste the invitation into the writing bar. When you send it, your contact will be able to enter your call.

If you want to send the invitation to several people , you just have to choose as many people as you want and paste their invitation in the message. In addition, you can explain the reason for your meeting with some other details that you consider pertinent.

How do you find your meeting ID number to share with your Zoom invitees?

The ID number is the URL assigned by the platform to identify the meeting and all the information in it. In order for a user to be able to attend your call, the platform will ask for the ID and password, so when you invite him you must send him this information. When you start the session you will see a green icon on your screen that when you press you will be able to send an invitation to a contact, in it there must be a figure of 10 to 11 digits that make up the ID.

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