How to make a list menu in Google Sheets easily?

The world is evolving more and more and people are looking for ways to stay organized and keep up with progress. There are a wide variety of services dedicated to this, but today we will highlight Google Sheets . What does this service offer?

If you are already a Google Sheets user, how to make a drop-down list there? In this article you will find the answer to these questions.

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets, formerly known as Google Spreadsheets, is a web service that offers spreadsheets with AJAX technology .

It presented its beta version on June 24, 2006, but after improvements and gaining more attention from the public, the service that we know today as Google Sheets was created.

Using Google Sheets you can carry out all the applications that you would expect within spreadsheets with their own functions in office programs.

This is a service at the hand of your browser that is based on the use of spreadsheets to carry out operations through the use of cells.

Thanks to its complete tool bar, it makes it possible to use cells to carry out mathematical operations or make financial calculations without margin for error. You can also carry out operations that require logic with this service.

In the same way you can  sort the data or content of a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, or better organize yourself, by using spreadsheets you can store important dates connected to a key phrase so as not to forget them and have everything more in order.

Speaking of keywords, if you maintain a stable system, the search for information will be faster because its cells allow you to formulate content already written.

You will save time and energy by making chains with information from the beginning of the document because at the end you will obtain a total without carrying out another type of calculation.

You will be free to order the columns within your spreadsheet in the way that best suits your needs. In addition, within each file you can include new sheets for different topics and information, these files can be in xls, csv, etc. format. Everything you do within your spreadsheets may be modified in the future if required. You can even easily share a Google Sheets spreadsheet and give access to one or more people, so that it can be changed, including data and dates that are inserted , and then be saved.

Do all this from the comfort of your computer or very well from your mobile device as you will find the application in the App Store. An application designed to use wherever you are.

How to make a list or dropdown menu in Google Sheets easily?

This time we will help you discover how to make a list or drop-down menu through a simple step by step.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to “Google Sheets” and open the respective necessary spreadsheet.

Step 2

Then you must select the cell or group of cells where you expect to perform the process of creating the list or drop-down menu.

Step 3

At the top of the spreadsheet you will see the toolbar go to “Data” and within this option select “Data validation” .

Step 4

In the “Criteria” section you can select between the options “List from an interval” or “List of elements”. In the box that you will find on the side you can place which cells you will include in the list. On the other hand, by means of a comma separation it will be possible to place which elements will go, but without spaces in the wording.

By default you will see that cells modified in the process will have an arrow symbol pointing downwards. Remove this arrow by unchecking the option “Show button in cell to display list”.

If for any reason you enter any data in a cell that does not match any element in the list in an automated way, you will see a warning.

If you expect to maintain order and that users only use the elements included in the list, you must select “Reject entry” together with the option “If the data is not valid”.

At the end of the procedure select “Save” and you will be able to see the new list or drop-down menu in the cells of your spreadsheet.

If you expect to place a color that distinguishes one drop-down list from the other you can do so by entering “Format” then from the toolbar select “Conditional Formatting” and choose a color.


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