How to make a group of options in Access

Microsoft Access is an office application that, although it has been available to users for some time, even today many people wonder what it is and what it does. Access is a database, being more specific, it is a relational database composed mainly of seven components such as relations, macros, tables, queries, forms , modules and reports.

Since it is a database in which the user can manage the stored information by deleting and adding data, it is necessary to use option controls that allow a quick and clear visualization of the data. Such controls are also known as option groups , this step by step we have prepared especially to inform you about what option groups are, what they are used for and how to create them. Let’s get started!

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  1. What are option groups in Access?
  2. What is the main function given to these groups of options?
  3. What are the benefits of using Microsoft Access to create option groups?
  4. How to: create an action group within Microsoft Access
  5. What other tools can we use to create option groups?
    1. Forms on fire
    2. PerfectForms
    3. Soon Forms
    4. Repsly
    5. Integrify

What are option groups in Access?

Being one of the most efficient ways of presenting data in a form or report made in Access , they consist of a limited group of alternatives that can be inserted in these and that facilitates the selection of a value, since it can be done simply with a click on the desired value. It is advisable to use them for fields between two and five possible values ​​because its great advantage lies in the fact that it allows you to observe all the possible values ​​of the field.

Although structurally speaking a group of options is very complex, by knowing its elements better it is possible to edit it and change its style and they are generally made up of checkbox buttons, group arches, option buttons and toggle buttons. It is important to mention that when a group of options depends on a field, only the group depends on that field, the other elements will be completely independent.

What is the main function given to these groups of options?

It is widely used mainly to give users the choice between two or even more sections of a form and also with the function of designing form templates structured in a previously prepared XML sketch, in which case the option groups allow the inclusion of that sketch in the form template so that users can make use of it.

So the main function of these groups is to create an interactive dynamic between the application and the user in such a way that users carry out the work more quickly, easily and especially focused on work, since when working with enormous Information data , updating some can be quite annoying so we suggest taking advantage of these advantages offered by the groups of options.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Access to create option groups?

In addition to facilitating the selection of values ​​for users, the creation of a group of options has other advantages or outstanding benefits such as the ease when entering data since it will not be necessary for the user to remember every detail, just by choosing a value in the group of options causes a new income immediately. Another notable benefit is that it significantly reduces the margin of error since the user must not make manual entries and last but not least, since the work is reduced to the selection of a value, it facilitates the selection.

How to: create an action group within Microsoft Access

The truth is very simple, to create a group of options in Microsoft Access you just have to follow these simple steps: The first thing is to click on the ‘Start’ button and enter the Access application, make sure that the ‘ Assistant Control ‘in the toolbox is activated, then what we must do is click on the’ Options Group ‘button in the toolbox at which time the pointer will change to show us a group of options.

Then we must drag the mouse pointer on our form to draw a box where we want the group of options to be positioned, we release the mouse button and start the wizard. Immediately the wizard will ask us for the labels we want for each button (checkbox or toggle button), we will need a label for each button that will be part of the group of options, these labels must be the same as the type of data that we would normally enter in the field for which the option group is being created. We enter all that are necessary by pressing ‘Tab’ after each one and click on ‘Next’.

In the next screen we can select one of the labels that we add as the default option for the group, we only have to specify a label and choosing if we want it as the default option or if we simply do not want a default value and press ‘Next’. On the next screen, the wizard will ask us what value we want to assign to each option (remember that it only allows numerical values ) these values ​​represent an equivalent for each listed folder and Access uses them to store the answer provided by an option button or check box. in particular.

For the aforementioned, we must select the default values ​​of Access and then ‘Next’, in the next screen that we will observe, we must decide if the value that we assign to each label of our options will be stored in a particular field or if on the contrary Access will save it for later use. It should be noted the importance of verifying if the option button ‘Store the value in this field’ is selected since we are using the group of options to enter data in a particular field. Next we select the field from the drop-down list provided and again click Next ‘

In the screen that is shown below, we select the type of control that we want to use and the style to then make a clip in ‘Next’, already in the last screen, we only have to write a label for the new control and click on ‘ Finalize’. Ready, we can see the new control in the form’s grid area, All the different option values ​​that we enter will be seen in the control and when we switch to the form view to enter data, we can see the different option buttons or checkboxes. check to select an actual value for that particular field.

What other tools can we use to create option groups?

Normally when we use tools and applications to manage information , data, we need to be organized and avoid by all means repetitive work that can take away valuable time that we can dedicate to things of real importance in our day to day, that is why the applications that handle databases, with the option to create groups of options are designed to facilitate the entry, updating and manipulation of data stored in a database , below we describe some of the most common.


Forms on fire

It is a useful tool for digitizing forms and workflows , with software in the cloud without code that also rewards your employees with the mobile data collection and workflow system, one of the most advanced and enriched in Globo. It works offline and provides the latest versions of your most important elements such as forms, data source, tasks, on whatever device you are using, with this application we can create beautiful reports using your favorite productivity applications, quick design and linking of groups of options for better presentation of information.


It doesn’t matter if we have a simple online form or 1000 complex workflow processes, this powerful tool can very well scale to meet our unique needs, from feedback forms, to complete customer relationship management applications, a true marvel of the world. digital world. It offers a flexible and powerful environment for the creation of HTML forms , automation of workflows, integration with other systems, creation of reports, ideal to replace a manual application and has the option to create groupings of options that very well facilitate activities .


Soon Forms

World leader in low-code application platforms concentrated in the business field, the solution for those businesses that want to evolve towards digitized processes, collects and analyzes information using electronic devices, either with an intelligent platform or a mobile interface for computer systems. business registration. Like the previous ones, it allows you to organize the information collected and create forms and reports that in turn can have a ribbon or groups of options for an excellent display of information, completely facilitating the update process.



Intended for the CPG / FMCG industry, Repsly’s true retail execution solution helps teams in the field achieve peak performance and boost their sales impact. It has a manager board that equips each territory manager with what is necessary to identify opportunities in the retail market. It allows you to keep records and workflows in an organized way, ordering them, for example, in forms that can then be grouped together with options that facilitate information management.


It is nothing more than a workflow automation platform, which helps companies with the design of dynamic forms, it also allows the creation of self-service portals and performance monitoring through the use of reports or dashboards as well as the review of audit trails of activities. It is intended for businesses that need to use automated processes to then scale and replace manual work processes increasing their visibility in processes such as IT, sales and finance. It is also a tool for organizing and collecting information. which helps companies keep their records up to date by making use of beautiful forms and reports, ensuring increased production capacity.


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