How to make a Flyer in Word

Brochures or Flyer have become a bit obsolete due to the evolution of technology and thanks to the fact that all businesses or companies use social networks for their advertisements. However, Flyers also took that step to modernity , and every time designers are once again leaving people speechless with their new Flyer designs on social media.

From the Word program you can make Flyer, magazine simulations and even birthday party invitations with which you will impress others. Perhaps times have changed and physical brochures become obsolete, however, it is never too late to make a Flyer that catches everyone’s attention , therefore, below, we will show you how to do it in Word.

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  1. What elements should a good flyer have?
    1. Understandable
    2. Without much text
    3. With Images
  2. How can you export your Flyer in Word to another format?
    1. Save it as a JPEG image
    2. Put it in .PNG
    3. Convert it to PDF for printing
  3. Does my flyer have to be in .CMYK to print?
    1. How to convert any file to .CMYK
  4. What types of graphics should I use in my Flyer?
    1. Eye-catching and circular
    2. Don’t waste the public’s time

What elements should a good flyer have?

If you want your Flyers to cause a sensation and describe what you want to convey perfectly, there are some elements to take into account so that your brochure is ideal and easy to understand.


One of the most important elements when making a Flyer is that the information it has is clear and concise , so that it can more easily transmit the message you want to give. To do this, you must choose a font that is visible and easy to read, do not use opaque colors or that make it difficult to read the information.

On the other hand, you must use certified and reliable information, and that the public to whom the brochure is directed can easily understand what you describe in it.

Without much text

The most common mistakes they make when creating a Flyer is overloading it with information, with this you will only make your brochure boring the consumer and end up in the trash or ignored. You must place information that is relevant and attractive to the eye of the public to whom it is directed, so that they choose you over the competition.

With Images

When adding images to your Flyer you must be very careful when choosing which one you want to include in it, you must choose simple images, but that attract the attention of the public and of good quality. Like text, if you place a lot of images it will be overloaded and it will be confusing for the consumer to understand the message you want to convey with it.

How can you export your Flyer in Word to another format?

We know that, when making a brochure or Flyer, the format in which we save the file is very important on certain occasions, whether you want to save it as a .JPEG or PNG image, or even as a PDF file . Therefore, below, we will explain how to save or convert a Word Flyer in the format you want.

Save it as a JPEG image

If at the time of finishing your Flyer or brochure you want it to be saved as a JPEG image, you can do it quickly and it will only take a few seconds, you just have to follow these easy instructions:

  • To begin, you must shade all elements of the brochurewith your mouse, you can also do it by pressing the “Ctrl” key and clicking on each element.
  • Next, you go to the toolbar and select the “Format” option, likewise, press the “Group” option, so that no element moves from its place.
  • Now, with all the elements joined, with your mouse, you must right click on the Flyer and press the “Copy” option .
  • To continue, open a new PowerPoint document and paste the Flyer onto a slide as an image.
  • To conclude, right click on it and select the option “Save as image”, finally, put the name you want and the type of format, in this case it will be “JPEG file interchange format”.

Put it in .PNG

Saving your Flyer in .PNG format is not complicated , you can do it from Word and using the program that is also part of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint. Like the previous procedure, it will take you just a few seconds to convert a Word Flyer to .PNG just by following these steps:

  • Group all the elements of your Flyer in Word, selecting all of them and going to “Format” in the toolbar , press the “Group” option.
  • Next, right click on the brochure and press the “Copy”option , then you must go to PowerPoint and paste the brochure on a new slide.
  • Now, right click on the image again and press the option “Save as image”, where you can finally put the name you want and the format of your preference, in this case “PNG portable network graphics format”.

Convert it to PDF for printing

If what you want is to convert your Flyer into a PDF file so that you can print it whenever you want, you can do them from Word and it will only take you a few seconds by following these easy steps:

  • When you finish editing your brochure, you must go to the toolbar and select the “File” option, followed by “Save as”.
  • Now, choose the folder where you want to save your Flyer in PDF, likewise, choose the name you want to place and open the options in “Type”to change the format.
  • Finally, you must select the option “PDF”, in addition, below we select the optimization of preference, whether you want to print or just save, once this is done, your Flyer will be saved as PDF.

Does my flyer have to be in .CMYK to print?

Generally, for commercial type prints or those that you want to have better color accuracy when printing, the .CMYK format is used , which improves the quality of the image . However, from Microsoft Office files, such as Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher, when printing, the default settings only allow RGB format.

How to convert any file to .CMYK

Although with Microsoft Office programs it is not possible to convert an image to .CMYK, if you are knowledgeable in this area, you will know that you can do it from any other program. One of the most used desktop programs for image editing and, where you can convert your file to .CMYK, is Photoshop .

To do this, you just have to open your file from Photoshop, go to the toolbar, select the “Image” option, followed by “Mode”, where you finally choose the “CMYK” format . Once this is done, you can save and print your Flyer in CMYK format and with the best quality, so that it better captures people’s attention and they choose you over the competition.

What types of graphics should I use in my Flyer?

When designing a brochure or flyer you should take into account that to capture the attention of the public you need to place information in a striking way, but at the same time be informative. In addition, the information that you want to transmit through them must be easily or quickly understood by the public, so that they have an interest in it, other elements that you can add are graphics and we will teach you how to do it.

Eye-catching and circular

When you already get reliable information and you know what you want to show in your brochure, you can add some graphics in which they show interesting information on the subject. The most widely used type of graph that the public generally tends to capture the best is the circular one , due to its simplicity and is ideal for attracting attention and transmitting information at the same time.

Don’t waste the public’s time

On the other hand, overloading the Flyers with information that is irrelevant will make people not want more information on the subject, resulting in the scrap of the brochure. Therefore, if you want your audience to prefer you over the competition, you must put in it only clear, truthful and concise information, which attracts people’s attention and they do not get bored with all of it.

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