How to make a brochure in Word

Although the usual when creating a brochure is to use Publisher, Microsoft Office tools are quite versatile. In such a way that we can also do it with total comfort in Word .

Although Word is commonly used to create master documents such as papers , reports, letters or any other type of writing, we can do many other things in it, such as the triptych.

What is a triptych?

The triptychs, being folded in 3 parts, give rise to enough information to communicate any objective or topic . Its sides are folded inward and it is generally a regular, A4-size sheet of paper. The information that this may contain is the brief description of an event or institution, as well as the date, hours, or opening details.

It consists of a front, inside and back cover. They have been widely used in different fields such as advertising and art. By being clear and precise , they have a greater impact on those who read it.

How to create a brochure in Word?

The greatest feature of this tool is Office, it is its easy handling . It even allows us to insert dates to indicate some information, among other options. We just need to familiarize ourselves with the options. As it consists of information on both sides, we will need two pages of Word.

Necessary measures

To configure the measurements we want, we must click on the top tab of “Page Design”. On the left side, the third option that we will find is « Size» , clicking on it will open a list of options for the different sizes to choose from. Even if we want, we can also adjust the width of the margins. 

We can choose any of those that are already predetermined or if there is none that suits our needs, click on “More paper sizes” to configure custom measurements .

Page orientation

To make a triptych, it is necessary to configure the page horizontally. To do this, once we are located in page layout, we click on the ” Orientation” option , which is next to ” Size” . You can even make straight, curved, or slanted arrows in Word with the keyboard.

Margins size

Below the options we have already used, there is a thin bar called “Page Settings . ” Selecting this option will pop up a small window with different options for margins, paper, and layout.

To choose the size of the margins we go to the tab named like this, and we write the measurements in the option bars: top, bottom, left and right. In doing so, try to choose balanced measurements that contribute to the visual balance of the triptych.

Configure three columns

To make the most characteristic of the triptych, we go back to page layout, in the option « Columns» . Again a list of options will be displayed and we select ” three” . To increase the space between one column and the other, we can drag the margin set on the line with numbers that is on the Word sheet.

Align your images or content

When creating a brochure in Word, a problem that we could run into is that when adding the paragraphs and images, these are not located in the desired place on the page. So that it does not happen, we must insert or place several images and configure the alignment correctly.

While in page layout, we click the ” Align” option . By clicking on “Grid Settings”, a window called “Grids and Guides” will pop up. There we will activate all the options in the section “Alignment Guides” and “Snap to objects”.

How should I design a triptych?

In the third column of the first page, the cover is designed. The second column is the back of the triptych and the first column is the back cover. On the second page, the 3 columns would be content.<![if !vml]><![endif]>


To start writing on it we select a text box. In the “Insert” tab and click on “Text Box” and then another click on the part of the page that we want to write the text. Finally, to place images, we click on the option that so indicates in the “Insert” tab.

There are endless ways to design a triptych in Word , there are no limits to a designer’s creativity. Word offers you different options to customize your documents, such as keyboard shortcuts.  Practice and time will help you polish your designs each day, and you can use triptychs from the Internet as inspiration.



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