How to make 200% charge on your phone

Today we will share an easy way to make 200% charging on your smartphone. To do this, we will use the Battery Meter Overlay program, which can be downloaded from the link in our telegram channel. After installation, your display will change, an example can be seen in the screenshot below. In addition, the program has various icons for displaying the charge: different scales, gradations, arrows of different shapes and volumes.

Immediately, we note that the program, of course, will not double your battery. The replacement of the purely visual display is performed. This is done to surprise friends or for convenience. The main thing then is not to get confused, because after installation and 100% charge, your battery will already be half discharged.

Technical requirements and characteristics:

  • Required version Android 4.2 and higher;
  • Program version 4.0.1;
  • Pre-installed mod: Pro version;
  • No support for the Russian language;
  • The program is checked for viruses.

Importantly, in the latest versions of the program, the developers have disabled the ability to change 100% to 200% and have left only different themes: hearts like in Dandy or Sega games, indicators and other indicators. They can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

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Download and Install Battery Meter Overlay

Interface and setup

Download and Install Battery Meter Overlay

Go to our telegram channel and click “Download” to download Battery Meter Overlay. After downloading, don’t forget to enable installation from unknown sources if an error pops up. When the program is installed, disconnect it back.

Interface and customization

After starting, you need to enable the program and enable display over other applications. This is necessary to replace the system percentages with new ones. More modern smartphones will highlight this option themselves. Setting instructions:

  • Launch Battery Meter Overlay;
  • We transfer the Show Battery Meter slider to the active state;
  • Then confirm with the TURN ON button.
  • A window on top of other applications will open, where you need to activate the option.
  • Next, in the Theme field, select a display example. Some examples are shown in the screenshot above.
  • In the lines below, you can choose the location on the screen (set at the bottom or top in the center).
  • Further, if desired, you can adjust the colors, size and transparency.

Keep in mind that UI elements will start to appear on top of other windows. They can overlap other elements when running games or applications on your smartphone. Therefore, try switching different styles or just set the charge to 200%.

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