How to maintain proper oral hygiene in your dog

Although it is true that dogs tend to enjoy better oral health than humans, the hygiene of their teeth is just as important and necessary to prevent the appearance of other diseases that can be serious and that seem to be a consequence of possible infections generated in the oral cavity of the canid.

Therefore, oral hygiene is the most effective way to care for the animal’s teeth. How to maintain proper dental hygiene? As in our case, brushing teeth and visiting the vet on a regular basis are vital to keep the teeth in perfect condition and avoid the risk of infection.

Oral cleaning

To do it correctly we need a toothbrush and special paste for dogs. It is good that we get used to him little by little, since at first he will not like it and he will be restless. And, of course, it is better if we start when he is a puppy , because he will get used to it and see it as something completely normal in his routine.

To support oral hygiene, we can buy synthetic bones or chew toys, which will strengthen your teeth, remove tartar and bad breath, and keep the gums in good condition. But, as we say, it must be a complement to dental cleaning.

Veterinary checks

Unless we have to treat an urgent problem that requires a visit to the veterinarian, he will examine his teeth and the condition of the gums at each check-up (normally, once a year), although it will depend on what the specialist establishes. He may recommend a dental cleaning to remove excess tartar, since even if we clean his teeth properly, it tends to accumulate on his teeth, as it happens to us. Since the canid can become nervous, the vet will put it to sleep under anesthesia so that the cleaning proceeds smoothly.

And what can advance the visit to the specialist? If we see that our dog has bad breath even despite synthetic bones and toys, if it has poor alignment, discoloration or loss of enamel, excessive salivation, loss of a tooth, fracture of a tooth or inflamed gums, it is necessary to go to the vet to have his teeth thoroughly evaluated and to study the cause of the problem and how to treat it.

So remember: to prevent any dental problem, it is important that we also take care of the oral health of our companion animal and that we include tooth brushing among the usual care that make up our pet’s routine.


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