How to log out of Wallapop from an Android

We all agree that one of the best innovations of these times has been virtual stores or sales platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba . Thanks to them we can save time when it comes to wanting to know a price because we do not have to go to the physical store . These stores not only allow you to buy products but you can also sell any new or used product.

One of the most popular virtual buying and selling applications is Wallapop. In this application you can create an account and log in from your phone and after doing this you can start to see the products of your choice or offer the items that you no longer use and that are in good condition.

This application allows you to enter through Google and Facebook to make it easier for you to log in and out and not be so complicated.

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  1. What benefits can I get if I keep the Wallapop session closed?
    1. Conditions in your application
    2. Your personal safety first
  2. How can I log out of Wallapop for a few days?
    1. With the application using Android or iPhone
  3. How do I log out of my Wallapop account from your website?
    1. Using iPhone
    2. With Android devices

What benefits can I get if I keep the Wallapop session closed?

We almost always keep the sessions open in all our applications because in this way we can access them quickly, but this poses a risk since when it comes to applications for mobile devices that have to do with purchases and sales of products , it can be a risk for your privacy. You will now see two types of benefits from keeping your Wallapop account closed.

Conditions in your application


If you always keep your session open, the Wallapop application may be affected and store cache space while you are not using it. This is sometimes a problem because this data is not always necessary and is stored in the same way on the cell phone and creates application failures. Therefore, by keeping the session closed, the cache data will not be updated and therefore the application will not crash.

Your personal safety first

This is the main reason why we should close our Wallapop session because if someone else has access to our phone, they could make a purchase without our consent and thus lose our money.

Also in our Wallapop account we have personal data that can be copied or stolen in cases where we lose our cell phone or someone enters it without our consent.

How can I log out of Wallapop for a few days?

As with all applications, Wallapop offers us login and logout. In Wallapop it is very simple no matter from which device you want to log out.

With the application using Android or iPhone


As expected, you already have the Wallapop application installed on your phone, whether it is Android or iOS, the versions do not change on any of the phones . You have to open the application and start it, you will go to the three lines on the left side of the screen at the top.

Now, in the side panel that was opened, you have to touch on the profile photo of your account, there you have to click on ” Settings “, you will distinguish it with the gear icon on the right side. Now there will be two options of these, you will choose the second one, which is the logout and thus the Wallapop session will begin to close on your phone.

How do I log out of my Wallapop account from your website?

It is possible that you do not like to use the Wallapop application and that the purchases you make from this platform are made from its website and you also want to learn how to close the session for your safety.

Using iPhone

If you use a device with an iOS system, you can log out of the website just as easily as the mobile application. To do this, you first have to go to the Wallapop website where your session will be open if you have already done so before.

You have to click on ” My zone ” this is at the top of the screen on the right side, in the menu that will open you will click on Profile . Now click on logout and the logout will be complete. If you want to enter again you will only have to use your account data to enter again.

With Android devices

If your phone works with the Android system, the steps to log out of Wallapop will not will not change compared to those of iOS, so the steps that we explained a moment ago are applicable to Android.

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