How to load or insert an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress

Since the departure of the managers for the creation of blog and web pages , there is a platform that has positioned itself in the first places of preference and it is none other than WordPress . Perhaps this is due to the simplicity of its interface and all the configurable options that it offers us to publish our articles. And then we are going to show you  how to load or insert an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress.

Many users have encountered certain complications when uploading or inserting documents on the WordPress platform .

But we can tell you that it is easier than it seems and you will not have any problem if you carefully follow the steps that we will explain in this tutorial below.

There are many functions and options that we can use on this platform and it is logical that this could create a bit of confusion when wanting to upload a Word or Excel file .

It may seem a bit difficult to insert this type of files to the platform and it cannot be more complicated than inserting a   YouTube video .

How to load or insert an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress

At the beginning you will realize that this procedure is simpler than the one used to insert surveys in WordPress

Without taking so many detours and the first thing we must do is go to the WordPress platform. Then you must enter your data to be able to access the page, for this enter your username and password.

Once we are on the main page, we will go directly to the panel on the left side of the page.

And in the menu you will choose the Medium option by clicking on it. Then you are going to select the Add new option and this will show on the right side the window with the name Upload new media .

You will see that in the center of this window there is a box with the following message Drag the files here. Or also the option Select files and it will show you the Open window.

Now you must find the file you want to upload to the platform, remember that you are told that the file must have a maximum size of 8 MB.

Once you locate and select the spreadsheet, you must click on the Open option and this action will insert the file into the gallery. And voila, we have loaded or inserted an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress. Now we are going to know the steps you must follow to insert this Excel file in the entry.

Steps to upload or insert an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress

And to do this, we are not going to go back to the menu on the left side of the main WordPress page . Here we are going to click on the Tickets option , then we select the Add new option. This action will show us on the right side a window with the name Add new entry.

Here you can add a title and write the title you want, now you must place yourself where you are going to insert the link of the Excel file. Then you must click on the option or button Add object, this action will show you the gallery to Insert multimedia. In this window you will find the thumbnail of the Excel file and you must click on it to select it.

The next step will be to go to the Details Panel that is on the right side of the window and you go to Title / Write and you are going to place a title that describes the link.

The next thing you need to do is click on the Insert in post option . Then you go to the Publish Panel and click the Preview button, so you can check the result on the web.

The mouse cursor will direct you to the title of the Excel file so that you can make sure that the link works perfectly. Finally click and this action will generate a dialog box with which you will be able to open or save the file. And in this simple way you have learned how to load or insert an editable Excel spreadsheet in WordPress.


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