How To Live From Streamer On Facebook

The life of an influencer can sound like a dream come true, and this is a possibility, thanks to the fact that nowadays platforms like Facebook allow you to get real money for creating content . If you want some information about how to start making money with FB Live, you are in the right place.

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  1. Does Facebook pay to broadcast live?
  2. What are the prizes and gifts that a user can give you when broadcasting?
    1. Stars
    2. Partner program
    3. Sponsorships
  3. What is the best app to monitor your streaming?
  4. Can you live by broadcasting on Facebook?
  5. What kind of content does Facebook accept to transmit?
  6. What are the rules to start broadcasting on Facebook now?

Does Facebook pay to broadcast live?

Actually, this offers the possibility of earning money thanks to the users who see your Streaming, you can do it in different ways that we will explain later. A Streamer that constantly uploads content and complies with Facebook’s standards , which are actually very similar to those of monetizing videos , could generate a good monthly income. Remember that to withdraw your money you must generate at least 100 USD in badges.

What are the prizes and gifts that a user can give you when broadcasting?

The Facebook social network has always focused on the interaction between users, so it is not surprising that it does the same on its streaming platform ‘ Facebook Gaming ‘, to generate profits by transmitting your content , you must interact with your followers and thus attract more public to your LIVE, this so that these users give you badges, and these can be exchanged for real money.


These are some kinds of badges, you can get them from your users as a donation within your streaming. Once you have a good amount of stars as a content creator, you can exchange them for real money, each star has an approximate value of $ 0.1.

Partner program

This is a monetization method that was added to allow payment to content creators , although it can only be used by influencers, well-known brands or celebrities; To be able to activate it you will need to have a minimum of 2000 followers, in addition to reaching 300 users watching the streaming that you are about to monetize.


This is another method to get an extra profit from your streamings , this consists of finding a sponsor who will give you remuneration for mentioning their brand or product within your live shows, of course you must abide by some rules of the platform to do it.

What is the best app to monitor your streaming?

There are various applications to start streaming , such as Facebook Gaming or Twitch, but in terms of monitoring the use of an external app it is not a sin, such as the Streamlabs application , which is interactive software to upload your streaming to various platforms at the same time without major complications, plus it adds the ability to customize it live to your liking.

Can you live by broadcasting on Facebook?

This is something difficult to achieve, so if you decide to become a Streamer you should think about uploading your content on various platforms. If you only upload your content to Facebook, you should also think about varying your content a lot , as well as looking for good sponsors. If you are a content creator, also try not only to upload streams, upload and monetize videos to generate an extra profit for your account. Remember that if you want to withdraw your earnings they must be at least $ 100 within the platform, and you must wait a period of 30 days before you can see the earnings.

What kind of content does Facebook accept to transmit?

The Facebook platform is known for its rules and suggestions regarding content that you can upload on your platform, and Facebook live is no exception, the content you upload must be authentic and original, and Facebook will tell you what content you should avoid, such as pornography, nudity, substance abuse, obscene and offensive language, topics such as politics, race, gender or religion. Among many other things that may cause some displeasure to users.

You can do live broadcasts, it is best to choose topics that connect with the public you want to attract attention, for example, if your page is about video games , you can upload content on this topic, tutorials, previews or streams of your games. Of course, respecting the rules to avoid inconveniences and complaints that can cause you to be banned for a limited time or for life from this platform.

What are the rules to start broadcasting on Facebook now?

To start broadcasting on Facebook you will not need to meet high requirements , the main thing is that, if you want to obtain remuneration, you must verify if the Facebook monetization service is available in the country where you reside, if you do not have problems with this, which If you should bear in mind, it is that, when starting a live broadcast, you must respect community regulations, in addition to avoiding the following content:

  • Politics, religion, gender, race, geographic location, socioeconomic, or general culture issues.
  • Topics related to any kind of abuse, death, trauma or mental illness.
  • Mention of anything that is related to drugs, theft, illegal acts, vandalism, digital fraud, corruption, etc.
  • Sexual themes, prostitution, nudity, pornography, obscene language or clothing.
  • Any kind of explicit content, blood, open wounds, defecation, surgical procedures.
  • Medical topics without authorization or reliable sources.
  • Upload content of false information or Fake news
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