How to listen to a voice message on Instagram


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Voice messages are increasingly replacing the standard ones among modern users. This feature is a more convenient way to communicate, allowing you to talk to a person and not be distracted from your daily activities. Today we will figure out how to listen to a voice message on Instagram, as well as find out the common causes of errors when downloading them.

How to re-listen

On the phone

  1. You will need to go to the correspondence section, for this, tap on the paper airplane icon on the top bar of the application.
  2. Here, open the correspondence with the desired user.
  3. The voice message looks like a rectangle with rounded eyes. To listen, just tap on the Playicon and wait for the download to start.

On the computer

  1. For our purpose, the official site of the social network will be enough; downloading and installing additional extensions is not required. Follow the link: https://www.instagram.comand click on Direct.
  2. To start listening, just click on the Play icon. Please note that the social networking site only allows you to listen, for recording,you will have to use additional emulators. For example, Bluestacks.

For convenience, the developers have separated messages from users in different colors. Your posts are marked in gray, in blue from another user.

Why can’t I listen to voice messages

There are several reasons for such system errors. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

  • First, we recommend checking your internet connection. Opening the correspondence itself does not guarantee that the Internet is working stably, it may just open a cached version of the window. It is advisable to open a browser and load any page, if all is well, proceed to the next item.
  • Check the performance of your phone speakers in any convenient way. Often the problem lies in the conflict between the application and the operating system; the solution is to simply reboot the program or device.
  • We recommend checking the speed of the Internet using special services. At low speeds, voice messages may not download.
  • The last of the suggested ways to solve the problem is to contact the technical support service. In the letter, describe the situation and indicate the ways in which you tried to solve the problem.

After fixing and checking the above errors, the problem will probably go away. If this does not happen, we recommend that you contact the technical support of the social network and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Do not forget to talk about the methods you have already tried, this will help Instagram employees understand your case in detail and find the right solution.

Now you know how to listen to a voice message using Instagram. There is no need to worry about the safety of important messages, the servers of the social network store the correspondence until they are deleted by the user himself or the account is completely deleted.

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