How to link the Windows 10 license to my Microsoft Outlook account?

Windows 10 is the most widespread operating system on the entire planet . How every commercial technological product requires protocols or licenses for its full operation. In this text you will learn how to link the Windows 10 license to my Microsoft Outlook account .

Windows 10 licenses are nothing more than the endorsement given by the company for the use and legal operation of its operating system , which, as has already been pointed out, is the most commercialized worldwide.

Adherence to the Windows 10 license guarantees you that you are facing an original, not pirated product, and that therefore the Microsoft company, its creator, is responsible for its reliability and proper operation.

The reasons why Windows 10 is so popular today, in addition to being the most up-to-date, it has multiple tools that will make its use faster, as well as pin websites to the task bar and it also has the Cortana assistant. Who you can set up to do homework and even tell jokes .

How the Windows 10 license works

When you buy a new computer or PC with the operating system already installed, in this case Windows 10, it is important (although not essential) that you are aware of everything that has to do with its operating license.

This, in addition to ensuring that you are buying a reliable computer , will allow you at any time, when the case arises that, for some circumstance, you are forced to reinstall the operating system, knowing the license number will facilitate the process . Here we show you the steps to link the Windows 10 license to my Microsoft account .

Before the Windows 10 version, the multinational Microsoft provided the license number, usually a 25-digit number, detailed on a decal or sticker attached to the computer.

With the new version of Windows 10 “Anniversary” this procedure made Microsoft more practical by associating the license or activation key of the operating system to the ID of one or more hardware of the computer.

However, this is not the only novelty. The new version of Windows 10 Anniversary also allows you to link that operating system startup key to a Microsoft Outlook email account .

With Windows 10 you can use programs like PowerShell or OneGet. OneGet takes care of working as a package manager .

What to do to link the Windows 10 license to my Outlook account?

Although it seems obvious, the first thing to do is have an Outlook email, or Hotmail (as it was known at first) at hand. If you don’t have it, you must create one, or it can also be done using One Drive, Office 365 or Skype.

As a second step, and secured the Microsoft email account, what follows to link the Windows 10 activation key to said account is to go to the PC, in the menu follow the following steps: ” Start> Settings> Update> Security > Activation> Add account .

Once this is done, the phrase stating that the Windows license activation key has been associated with the Outlook account will be displayed on the screen.

If at any time the user needs to reinstall the Windows 10 operating system, he can go to the account where he has associated the license activation key, and from the ” Activation Troubleshooter “, reinstall it. These are simple steps that show how to link the Windows 10 license to my Microsoft account.

Windows 10 can sometimes present you with problems by showing you a message that your Windows 10 license will expire soon , don’t be scared that this problem has a quick solution.

When to reinstall the Operating System?

Windows is not the only operating system on the market. There are also others like Apple’s MacOS, which like Microsoft is not free, despite being the most widely used.

There are operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu that are freely accessible. This means that they do not need a license or permission to install and operate them on the devices .

Specifically, in the case of Windows, we offer you a short list of inconveniences that can lead to the need to reinstall the operating system.

When a new computer is purchased that does not have the operating system pre-installed and the user purchases Windows . Another important reason is that an accident or event occurs that causes damage to the equipment, for example, the motherboard, and it is necessary to reinstall the OS.

Replacement of the hard disk or some other hardware of the computer, or the deconfiguration of the operating system itself that disables the activation key. In this way we show you how to link the Windows 10 license to my Microsoft account.


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