How to Level Up Characters In Dead by Daylight

We show you what is the method to raise the levels of your characters in Dead by Daylight and what rewards there are for doing so. We also explain how to earn XP to increase your account level.


  1. How to level up your characters?
  2. Rewards for leveling up the characters
  3. How to earn XP and increase account level

In Dead by Daylight, the gaming experience focuses especially on its wide catalog of available characters , which present a wide variety of customization options and different abilities. The game invites us to constantly try and change characters and, along the way, to level them up to improve them . But … how is this achieved?

Next, in this entry of our guide we are going to tell you what is the method to raise the level of your characters in Dead by Daylight, what are the rewards you will get for doing it and also how you can earn XP to increase the level of your account .


How to level up your characters?

All Dead by Daylight characters, both killers and survivors, have their own independent progression based on levels and prestige . Each character starts at level 1 and can go up to level 50 at the most .

Keep in mind that you can only raise the levels of the characters by the following method:

  • Character levels are increased by investing blood points ineach character’s Blood Network .
  • Blood points are earned primarily byplaying matches, completing objectives, and performing daily rituals.
  • When you acquire nodes and complete a Blood Webfor a character, they increase their level by one.
  • To complete a Blood Network and go up a level you must buy all the nodesavailable in the Blood Network.

From level 10 character, the Ente also consumes some nodes of the network of blood, so that progress is accelerated levels. This has the disadvantage that you can lose the opportunity to acquire certain nodes that the Entity consumes before you. Normally he randomly consumes the highest cost and highest rarity nodes that are closest to the last one you bought (this usually happens after buying a certain number of nodes).

Depending on the structure of the Blood Network and the nodes that the Entity is consuming, it is possible that sometimes it even consumes more than one node at a time. As your character’s level increases, the Entity begins to consume nodes more quickly, so be sure to acquire the ones that interest you the most as soon as possible.

How to increase prestige?

Once a character’s level 50 is reached, the player has the option of staying at this level or prestige their Blood Network . A character can reach a maximum of prestige 3 , which is indicated by the symbol of a skull with the Roman numerals I, II and III.

Prestige has the following effect on your characters:

  • If you decide to raise the prestige of the Bloodnet, your character’s level will be reset to 1.
  • Every time you decide to raise a prestige, all the unlockables storedin the character’s inventory will be consumed .
  • The grooves 2, 3 and 4of skill again locked .
  • With each prestige, the probability that nodes of a higher rarity will appearin the Blood Web increases.
  • Unlock one of three special versions of the bloodstained character’s outfit.
  • The teachable skillsyou have unlocked will continue to be available to all other characters.

Rewards for leveling up the characters

Of course, leveling up your characters gives you several very useful rewards , which in the long run make them stronger and more useful for games. These are the rewards you unlock at different character levels:

  • Level 5:A 2nd skill box is unlocked.
  • Level 10:A 3rd skill box is unlocked (the Entity begins to consume nodes and the blood networks are larger).
  • Level 15:A 4th skill box is unlocked.
  • Level 30:The 1st teachable ability of the character can be obtained.
  • Level 35:The 2nd teachable ability of the character can be obtained.
  • Level 40:The 3rd teachable ability of the character can be obtained.
  • Level 50:You can infinitely renew the Level 50 Blood Network or decide to raise Prestige.

In addition to the aforementioned, it must be added that the bloodnets that appear as we level up will always include new unlockables for the categories of objects, offerings and accessories (and there is the possibility that between 0 and 2 skills will appear general depending on the level of the Blood Network. In case 2 appear, the Entity always consumes the one that the player does not decide to acquire).

How to earn XP and increase account level

In addition to character levels, in Dead by Daylight your player account also has its own level that represents your overall progression in the game. This account level can be increased by earning experience points (XP or PE) and is mainly used to get iridescent shards with each level up.

  • Experience points to raise your account level are earned by playing games(regardless of whether you play the role of the killers or the survivors).
  • For every secondyou spend playing a game, you get 1 XP (limited to 10 minutes per game).
  • Earning an iridescent emblemat the end of a game earns you 18 XP .
  • Earning 12 XPfor getting a gold emblem at the end of a game .
  • Earning 6 XPfor earning a silver emblem at the end of a game .
  • For playing your first game of the day youearn 300 XP (it can be won twice, once as a survivor and once as a murderer and you do not have to win the game).

As you can see, the rise of your account level is somewhat slow and takes time . The only way to “speed it up” is by playing games as well as possible and especially by playing your first games of the day, which is how more experience points are earned.

The maximum level of the player account is 99 , once this limit is exceeded, the level is reset to 1 and you get a so-called level of devotion (which only serves as an indicator of your progression so far in the game).

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