How to layout and assemble a photo book in Photoshop

If you are a professional photographer and you want to add value to your work, differentiate yourself from the rest. Offer your clients an album with the most significant images of their special moments. Learn how to assemble your photo book in Photoshop in this post.

Layout a photo album in Photoshop

To create your own version it is best to start making a file from scratch . If added elements, that give a simple and elegant finish.

Choose and order the content

Before starting, create a folder with the images you want to put in the book. Keep in mind that this is a composition and that the images try to tell a story to the person who sees it. Additional create another folder where you will place the pages of the book.

Create a new document

The intention is to create the sheets of the book in an optimal resolution , since it is going to be printed. The dimensions of the file will depend on your preferences or the printing options that you have at your disposal, that is to say that the ones we use are only for reference.

  • Open Photoshop on your PC
  • Click File / New or use the hotkeys Ctrl + N.
  • Enter a name.
  • Enter the dimensions of the file, keeping in mind that the end result is a printed document. Each measurement has 1cm difference for the margins of the sheet.
    • Set the Width value to 1729 px (61 cm).
    • Set the Height value to 879 px (31 cm).
  • Sets the transparent or white background color. It is not relevant as the images will be saved in JPEG format.
  • Choose the CMYK color mode .

Add guides

Places support guides in the document that are useful for visualizing the margins of the sheet and which is the center of the file. Margins are not shown in the final result.

  • Add a new one in the View / New Guide menu .
    • Place a guide in a vertical position of 30 cm (for the center guide).
    • Create a new one in a vertical position of 0.5 cm (to mark the left margin).
    • Add a 24 ” guide in a vertical position (represents the right margin)
    • It includes another 0.5 cm guide in a horizontal position (points to the upper margin).
    • Add another in a horizontal position of 30.5 (to mark the bottom margin).
    • Finally, it includes a horizontal guide of 15.5 (pointing to the middle of the document).

Upload photos and edit

Now the fun begins, choose the photos you want to place on this page. To save time they should already be organized within the folder.

This is a creative process that is left to your free will. Include all the components you consider necessary and structure the photos according to your tastes .

Consider margins and guidelines for adding items. If necessary, add more guidelines to help you accurately position items.

In the end, aesthetics and good taste must prevail. Remember that you are telling a story of probably a wedding or fifteen years, make it memorable .

Save the sheets

When you finish each sheet save the process in the folder you created at the beginning. Arrange the sheets in order so it’s easier to organize at print time.

  • Click File / Save As .
  • Name the photo taking into account the sequence. In this case it will be sheet1.
  • Choose the JPEG format .
  • Select the highest quality.
  • To start with a new sheet, delete the uploaded photos or hide the layers and upload the photos from the next one.

Photo book cover

The cover is left at the end of the photo album creation process , since you must be clear about the story it is telling. It is best if a single photo is the one that covers the two covers or uses a solid color.

The title is very important. Try to place a blank box under the title so that the letters are visible. The style will depend on whether you told a story in a fun or formal way.


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