How to launch and play Multiversus on PC

Step by step guide for PC, Xbox and PlayStation users

Unfortunately, in recent years, residents of the Russian Federation are increasingly faced with the problem of launching modern video games. Luckily, these blocks can be bypassed. Moreover, the bypass methods were invented for different devices, including PC, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X/S.

How to launch, download and play Multiversus in Russia

Cartoon fighting game from Warner Bros. available on Steam and consoles. The standard version can be downloaded and played completely free of charge, but not all characters are available in it. For those who wish to speed up the process of obtaining heroes, the developers have provided various sets of patrons, costing from $40 and more. They include tokens that will allow you to instantly unlock the desired heroes. Regarding the launch of the game in Russia, we suggest that you perform the following steps.

How to launch and play Multiversus on PC in Russia

  1. You will need any free or paid VPN service.
  2. Download it, use the trial or paid version. Choose any country in Europe. The game is blocked only in Russia and Belarus, so any other state will do.
  3. After doing this and activating the VPN, create a new Steam account. To do this is quite simple.
  4. In parallel, create a new account on the WB Games website. After registration, be sure to confirm both accounts (an email with a confirmation code or link will be sent to your mailbox).
  5. Instead of Steam, you can also use the Epic Games Store, where you will also have to create a new account, select the desired country.
  6. After completing the above steps, launch a Steam or EGS account without disabling the VPN service and download the game. Once it’s in your library, you’ll have to go for even more tricks.
  7. WB Games has used maximum protection, so in order to cheat the system when you start the game, you must use an advanced VPN service that will change your IP. If it was possible to create accounts and send the game for download through a VPN in the browser, then a separate utility will be needed here. For example, Windscribe. Many services require at least registration, and most require a paid subscription.
  8. Once you’ve installed and launched a standalone VPN, launch the game to see if it works.

How to launch, download and play Multiversus in Russia

How to launch Multiversus on PlayStation and Xbox in Russia

  1. In the case of a Sony console, you can use an account created for a different region. Often our users prefer Turkish accounts as games are much cheaper in this region.
  2. With Xbox, the situation is more complicated, and you will probably have to use advanced VPN services by buying traffic for them.


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