How to know who unfollowed me or does not follow me on Twitter?

Since its inception, social networks have fostered interaction among its users, allowing them to learn, comment and meet new people. Mainly the latter is what leads people to “follow” others they do not know in order to create a new friendship. This happens on both Instagram and Twitter.

In this post we will teach you how to know or find out who does not follow or unfollow you on Twitter . We will do this using one of the best apps for managing social networks such as Crowdfire. Also, we will give you some tips so that you can get more reliable followers.


  • How to know who unfollowed me or does not follow me on Twitter?
  • What other information can I get with Crowdfire?
  • How can I get more followers on Twitter?

How to know who unfollowed me or does not follow me on Twitter?

There is an application that is capable of giving us a lot of information about our social networks. This is Crowdfire and in it we will be able to know who follows us but we do not follow as well as who recently let us follow . In addition, the most important thing is who we follow but does not follow us. To know this, just follow the following steps:

  • We will download “Crowdfire”from the Google Play Store just by typing it in the search engine. Then we let the system download and install it.
  • After the app is installed, we will log into our Twitter account by clicking on “Connect with Twitter”.
  • The application will ask us through the browser to enter our Twitter username and password. We do it and click on “Login”.
  • Once logged into Crowdfire, we will go to the “Manage”tab and click on it.
  • There we will find all the available options that Crowdfire offers us to know about our account: No followers, fans, followers who recently stopped following you, recent followers and inactive users that you follow.
  • We will have to click on “No followers”to know all the Twitter accounts that we follow but do not follow us.
  • In it we will find all the accounts that do not follow us and we can stop following them directly from the app. And ready!

The next thing will be to see all users that we follow but do not follow us so that we can consider which ones to stop following. For this, we will only have to click on the forbidden icon that appears next to the account.

What other information can I get with Crowdfire?

As mentioned before, in Crowdfire we can have more details about our account and the users we have in it. Just as we can know who we follow who does not follow us, we can know who follows us but we do not follow them . That way we can consider whether or not to follow them to increase our timeline when reading tweets.

On the other hand, we can also who recently stopped following us so that we try to know why it happened. In addition, we will be able to know which accounts we follow that are inactive and for how long to stop following them. These tools that Crowdfire has are very useful for cleaning our Twitter account.

How can I get more followers on Twitter?

In the early days of Twitter, there was something called “Follow back” which made two users follow each other. This over time has been lost because currently people do not follow others just for the sake of.

Nowadays, the quality of the content that is published as well as its frequency is taken into account . Although Twitter is a social network designed to publish writings, adding photos and videos is an important part of being able to have more interaction with your followers. A good way to post photos and images is to place the correct measurements so that everyone can see them in the best possible quality.

On the other hand, considering that you follow accounts of people you already know before, there is a high percentage that they follow you back . In that case you can search and find people on Twitter so that you follow them and they follow you.

Likewise, if you have a business account, using promoted tweets with good content can attract many followers. The statistics that Twitter offers are of great help to better understand what type of followers you can get.

I hope all this information has been of great help to you, do not forget to share it, see you next time to find out how to do it.


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