How to know which chest is going to touch me in Clash Royale – Cycle of chests

It is a strategy game, in which cards are used to attack our opponent. Chests play an important role. That is why it is important that you know which chest is going to touch you in Clash Royale. And in this article we will show you what you should do.

How to Know which Chest is going to Play me in Clash Royale – Chest Cycle

In Clash Royale there are cards that call for troops, that invoke spells, strengthen defenses and bring characters from the Clash of Clans game to the battlefield. The purpose is to destroy the other player’s towers , winning trophies and crowns in each victory, of the 10 arenas of the game.

Why are chests important in Clash Royale?

The chests in Clash Royale are of great importance, thanks to them we can obtain new cards for our deck. In addition to gold and earning gems (the latter must be collected to buy special cards in the game store); The contents of the chests can vary a lot, as there are also several classes of chests, and in total there are at least 15 different ones.

Of the chests that you can win, not all of them can be opened immediately , some of them remain locked until it is time to open them; there are chests that can only be opened every 3, 8, 12 or up to 24 hours, with the exception of those bought directly in the store, through the gems or crowns collected by the player.

The quality and quantity of things that a chest offers will depend a lot on the arena where you are playing, the higher the level of the arena, the better the rewards you get in each duel; therefore, the best or rarest cards will be obtained in the last arenas of the game.

What types of chests are in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale has several different chests , some of them are common and come out frequently, but at the same time their content is very regular, and other chests come out less frequently, but their rewards are more attractive, everything will depend a lot on the arena where you fight ; the list of chests is as follows:

  • Free Chest / Wood
  • Silver Chest
  • Chest of Gold
  • Chest of Crowns
  • Giant Chest
  • Epic Chest
  • Magic Chest
  • Legendary Chest
  • Super Magic Chest
  • Clan Chest and Clan Battle Chest
  • Chest of Choice
  • Lightning Chest
  • Lucky Chest
  • King’s Chest
  • Legendary King’s Chest

How to know which chest will touch me in Clash Royale?

There is no doubt that chests are important to advance in the game , but only some of them are what we really hope to get the best rewards and the rarest cards; therefore it is useful to know which chest will touch me in the Clash Royale chest cycle; which is made up of 240 (180 silver, 52 gold, 4 magic and 4 giants).

The other types of chests, such as the super magic, epic and legendary, follow a defined order in 10 different cycles ; For example, the super magic comes out every 500 chests, as long as you have more than 400 cups, the epic is the same but with more than 1000 cups and the legendary with more than 2000 cups.

It turns out that through an API provided by the creators of Clash Royale (that is, SuperCell), we can consult in real time, the chests that are going to touch us. The only thing you need to do is, enter the website, place your user code or tag (which you will see in your profile), and press the button “VIEW MY CHEST”.

Now that you know some of the Clash Royale tricks with reference to chests. There are no more excuses not to join the community and enjoy many hours of fun. You will only have to join its official website: and download the most appropriate version of the game according to your mobile device, whether for Android or iOS


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