How to know when to post on Instagram.

Do you want to reach a lot more people with your Instagram posts ? Do you know that the same audience is not achieved at all times? Very attentive or attentive because we tell you how to know when to post on Instagram.

Sharing images or videos is the main attraction of the Instagram platform . Every month up to 500 million users connect to the platform and of them 20 million are from Spain.

The application gives a lot of possibilities to make photo posts much more fun. Effects, music, polls, etc. can be added. But did you know that it is very important to also take into account the different times of the day to publish ? Depending on it, we can be more or less successful and reach more people.

If you want to reach a much more public with your Instagram posts, we will tell you how to know when to post on Instagram so that you play it safe and get more impact from your content .

There are several ways to know when to post on Instagram. The easiest is through the statistics that the application itself gives you, that is if for this you must have the company profile activated. Another way is through WhenToPost , an app available for iOS and Android . You have to register with the Instagram account and then it tells you the best days and times to upload a photo to Instagram through a map that varies depending on the intensity of color.

If the green color that appears is more intense, it means that it is the ideal time to upload a photo to Instagram. In case the color is light, it means that your followers are not too active at the moment. This application also has a countdown timer that tells you the time left to upload a photo to Instagram at the best time and not miss the opportunity to reach more users.

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You already know how to know when to post on Instagram, but generally what is the best time to post on Instagram in Spain? We will tell you.

Although there is no absolute certainty to know the perfect time to post on Instagram, it is true that statistics show that between three in the afternoon and nine at night are the best times to publish content on Instagram.

In addition, it is from 9 at night when most user activity is concentrated within the application. As for the days, the best to post on Instagram is Wednesday, while the worst is Sunday.


The really interesting thing is to adapt the publications to your audience, so how to know my best time to publish on Instagram? You can find the answer in the app itself.

If you want to know more about your followers and depending on how they interact with your account when posting on Instagram, you can do it from the application itself. That is if you need to have a business account.

If you already have the business account ready, open the Instagram app and go to your profile again and click on the three lines at the top right of the screen . Then click on “statistics” or “insights”.

Go to the “audience” section and scroll down. Now in the “followers” section you will see when you have had the most audience, that is, which ones are the best to publish and also according to the day of the week.


On weekends, everything is very different on social media too. These are days of rest, but we can take advantage of it to reach the audience on Instagram and in that case, what is the best time to post on Instagram on Saturday? Find out below.

Statistics say that the best time to post on Saturday is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., but also between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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