How to know when I created my Instagram account?

Whether you plan to remove your phone number from your Instagram profile or want to know when I joined or when I created my account on this social network, don’t worry, the application allows you to do all this in a very simple way. Today we will talk about how to know when I joined the platform, or how to know and see the date when my Instagram account was created in a simple way .

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  1. How to know on what date I create my Instagram?
    1. Instagram Account Age from Android App
    2. Know when I joined Instagram from the iOS app
  2. How to know when an Instagram account was created that is not mine?
    1. Section ‘About this account’
    2. First post to find out when an Instagram account was created

How to know on what date I create my Instagram?

In the past, viewing the creation date and specific information of profiles was much more complicated than it is now. Even so, this has changed in the social network in question allows access to highly relevant data. This includes knowing over the exact date when you create or when an Instagram profile or account was created.

If you want to see the data related to see the creation date of your user. Read carefully the following steps where we teach you how to see this.

Instagram Account Age from Android App

  • The first thing you should do to enter the social network application on Android is to make sure you open or log in with the profile whose information you want to see, remember you will need its password and username. Once you have started your Instagram account correctly, you should go to the configuration section.
  • To do this, just click on your profile photo at the bottom right of the screen, now locate the three horizontal lines that are above, right at the end you will get the “Settings” option, when you click on it you will see all the settings of the system.
  • Go to “Security” and look for the “ Enterdata” section. Click on the option mentioned before, by clicking on “Access information”, you will get your account information. In fact, the one related to when it was created will be displayed at the top.
  • Under “Account details”, the “Date you joined” section will appear. This is where you will see exactly the day, the time, that is, the date of creation, when I create my profile or your profile on the platform.

Know when I joined Instagram from the iOS app

  • The first thing you should do is enter the applications menu of your iPhone mobile and look for the application of the aforementioned social network. If you don’t have it, open your profile from the web browser found on this phone.
  • Sign in to your Instagram account.
  • You will enter the main page of the social network, in ityou must locate the icon with your photograph, press it
  • Next, you will find the Settings segment, go into it.
  • After the above, several options will open, you must select Security, then click on Access data.
  • In the new window will be the choice, your account information, click on it. A page will open in which all the data of your profile will be obtained, including seeing the date of creation or the age of your account,in one of the best social networks. In case it is not shown to you directly, click on the option See the date. This way you know when I create my profile.

Keep in mind that you can also perform actions such as downloading all your data and photos from your Instagram account in this place . Therefore, it becomes a very useful environment for the user.

How to know when an Instagram account was created that is not mine?

Although it is possible to search for a person on Instagram by their phone number , the company takes the issue of privacy very seriously, for this reason it is very difficult to access the personal information of other users. Therefore, if you want to know the exact day someone created an Instagram account, it will most likely be difficult for you.

In a very effective way, unlike seeing our personal information, seeing the date, that of other users is somewhat more complicated. Even so, we can always access the basic tricks of life, that is, see the first publication of a person to estimate the creation date in which their account was created.

It is true that most individuals share upload aspects through social networks. Also, it is very rare for users to delete their first posts, for this reason it is very valid to go down to them . This will allow us to see an approximate day when a profile of a person you follow was created.

Section ‘About this account’

You can see the creation date or know the age of an account from the mentioned section, the steps to do so will be shown below:

  • Open your Instagram account on your Android or iOS mobile or from your computer.
  • Click on the search bar found on the main page.
  • Then, put the name of the user whose account you want to know the age of.
  • Once you are inside you will get three points vertically at the top, click on them.
  • A menu of options will be displayed upwards, you must select the one that says About the account.
  • Next, you will get the Account Information choice, press it.
  • In the new window you will find the option See the creation date, click on it. Ready, you will be shown the exact creation of the Instagram account. This way you will know the age of an account.

First post to find out when an Instagram account was created

You can do this directly from the App application on your mobile or using an Instagram account through an emulator, but if you want to speed up the process even more, it is better to use a PC through the browser. Once on the computer, go to the source you want to see, there leave the “Space” key pressed in order to go down to the last publication.

You can also press the middle click of the mouse and direct the cursor down , this being one of the fastest ways to go down on a website. Once you reach the end of the posts, you will see the first image or video uploaded by the user with an Instagram account. Just click on said photo and look at the creation date that should appear instantly after the likes.

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