How to know what motherboard I have

Learn to identify the motherboard model of your computer through the following methods

We are going to explain how to know which motherboard you have in your computer through the best methods to find out the model installed on your PC. And it is that the motherboard, as its name suggests, an essential element of the hardware of your computer equipment and on which all the components of the same are mounted , from the processor to the RAM memory, through the hard disk or the graphics card, among others. In addition, you have to be very clear about the brand and model of the motherboard if you intend to expand or change components and even install drivers to improve its performance and security, so that everything works as it should. Let’s see how to know what motherboard you have in your computer with the best methods for it.

How to know which motherboard you have in your computer

Index of contents

  • Physical examination
  • Windows system information
  • Command line
  • CPU-Z software

Let’s see below how to check the make and model of the motherboard of your computer through various methods, from the most direct one is looking at its possible identification on the motherboard itself to having the help of different programs.

Physical examination

The first and simplest and most direct method (although not always effective) is simply to open the equipment and look at the brand and model (and its possible numbering) that may be screen-printed on the motherboard itself. In most cases, the motherboard has this information written as a logo , so you only have to write down the code that may come on it and search through Google to have all the information. In computers with semi-transparent housings or towers or with a window (so-called gaming PCs) it will not even be necessary to open the equipment, since you can probably see the make and model from the outside.

Of course, there are some cases in which this method is not viable, such as laptops or miniPCs , where disassembling the case can be too complicated or aggressive for the team; or if you don’t have enough technical knowledge and don’t want to fiddle with anything on the computer. In these cases, read on for more solutions.

Windows system information

If you do not want to touch anything on the computer and prefer to review the information through Windows, it is also possible. To do this, you will have to access the System Information tool , a native Windows option that can answer many questions about the components of your computer. Follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows + Rkeys to open the Run window .
  • Now type the command msinfo32and hit OK .
  • The System Information window will open; Click on the System Summaryoption .
  • All components installed on the PC and their descriptions will be displayed, including the motherboard.
  • If you want to access more detailed information on each component, select it and navigate through the window on the right to see it.

Command line

A very quick option is through a simple command line ; follow the steps below:

  1. Run Windows exe.
  2. Now run the following command: ” wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber, uuid” without the quotes.
  3. The motherboard data will be displayed.

CPU-Z software

The last method involves installing a specialized free program called CPU-Z , a very popular software that will give you all the detailed information about the components of your computer, including the motherboard. Follow the steps below to install and use CPU-Z :

  1. Access the official CPU-Z website and click on the pink SETUP ENGLISH boxto go to the download page in English.
  2. You will go to a page with another box in which it says DOWNLOAD NOW; press it to start the download and installation of the program.
  3. Once installed, access the program and you will be able to see a tab for eachmain component of your PC, including Mainboard ; press it to access the detailed information of your motherboard.
  4. You can also check the rest of your components such as CPUMemory , Graphics , etc.

Now you know the main methods to check the make and model of your computer’s motherboard ; use the one that best suits your needs, knowledge and circumstances.


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