How to know the sid of an active directory user in Windows 10 very easy

The active directory user represents physical entities as person , in turn they can be used as accounts for applications. They can also be called a security principal, this is a directory object to which security identifiers (SIDs) are automatically assigned.

It is also important to note that the default user account is the administrator. So the administrator account is the first one you will see when setting up a new machine with the Active Directory installation wizard and its domain services. If you wish, this account can be deleted

Similarly, in Windows 10 the user identifier is determined as a single value of viable length. It can identify the main security or Windows security group. The Windows user is assigned at the time of the operating system installation.

Discover how to find out the user sid in Windows 10

This identifier is important, as it can be useful when executing certain commands that are related to computer security. So next we will show you the ways to know the active directory user sid in Windows 10 .

The user can be found out through the ” command line  , so if a window with the “command prompt” is opened, it will be possible to know what the user sid is. When you are in the sale, you must insert the following command: «whoami / user» and pressing the enter key will automatically show the Sid.

In addition, if you want to know a specific user of the user sid in Windows 10 you must add another command which is: wmic user account where name = »username» get name, sid. At the same time, it must be considered that the user’s name must be replaced by the specific user’s name.

It should also be noted that if you want to know the list of all the Windows 10 user sid that are on the computer, another command must be applied which would be: wmic useraccount get name, sid.

Similarly, in order to obtain this list, you can also do it by entering Windows Powershell from the beginning . When you are in this window, another command is written which is: Get-WmiObject win32_useraccount | Select name, sid and it will automatically return the list with all the users that are in the system.

Another method to find out the user sid

It is important to mention that the sid of the Windows 10 user can also be known through the system registry. In order to achieve this, you must enter the Windows 10 registry.

For this, you have to open the “run” window and write the word or command ” regedit  to be able to enter a new window which is the registry editor from which you can find the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList.

When you are there and select each value, you can see the ProfileImagePatch value in the window to the right. In which it will be displayed to which username each Windows 10 user sid belongs.

In itself, there are several ways to know the user sid in Windows 10 . Follow the steps you want. You can find out this if at any time you have been curious about managing the permissions of certain files or folders.

Or if you’ve browsed through the Windows registries, you’ve probably come across a variety of numbers that you had no idea what they were for. Therefore, you already know what security identifiers are .

Similarly, you must also take into account that through active directory you can administer and manage the entire system infrastructure in organizations.

Thanks to active directory you can create and manage different elements such as groups, units, teams and users. There is also the possibility of transferring operations masters to a domain level.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to know the sid of an active directory user in Windows 10 by following these steps? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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