How to know the location of action center on my PC [ Windows 10 ]?

With the arrival of Windows 10, many of the options, settings and functions that we had, were changed. Along with these changes, the one that was affected was the Windows 10 Activity center . In this window, we can see the notifications of the applications that Windows brings by default to the system.

Thanks to the new interface that has been given to this window, we can make better use of it. We can see and silence Windows notifications and many other options. But in the case of not knowing where it is and not knowing how to enter, here we will be teaching you the ways to make it very easy and simple.

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  1. How to open Windows 10 action center on your PC?
    1. Directly from the taskbar
    2. Using ‘CMD’
    3. With the key ‘Windows + A’
  2. Why can’t I open Windows 10 Action Center correctly?
    1. slow processor

How to open Windows 10 action center on your PC?

After the success of Windows 7, doing a mega makeover was Microsoft’s priority. To that end, Windows 10 saw a big change to the interface of many windows, and that is how they are accessed. That’s why, entering the action center is something very different on this new platform, it’s still the same, but with some small adjustments.

Directly from the taskbar

The easiest way to access the action center is from the taskbar that we have in Windows. This will be seen in the lower right corner of the monitor, it will be next to the time and date of the computer .

In this way you can see a small arrow, here you can see what the notifications of some applications are, the use of Bluetooth, as well as configure Windows 10 notifications and other options.

Using ‘CMD’

From the CMD command lines, we also have this possibility. To do this, let’s enter the Windows startup and run CMD, typing that name. When opening, we must write the command ‘taskmgr’  in its lines. In this way, the Windows action center will be appearing.

With the key ‘Windows + A’

With the arrival of some new commands in Windows 10, we can use keyboard shortcuts to access the Action Center. Using the combination of the keys ‘Windows + A’ we can make this Activities window appear. From here, we can   disable notifications in Windows and stop receiving them.

But not only this we can and have at our disposal, but we can also make it stop showing us. We can enable and disable annoying notifications from Windows Update, Network Firewall, Internet security and more. From here, we can also see the installations made on another user, and we can restrict them.

Why can’t I open Windows 10 Action Center correctly?

But on several occasions, it has been seen that this activity center does not open properly. This is due to technical failures that may appear on the computer for unknown reasons.

This is why access will be something that we cannot do easily . In this way, it is the recommendation of several ways to access as we taught you in the previously mentioned point. In many cases, it does not work properly, because it is disabled by system settings. And for this, we can activate it from the file explorer and its options.

Also, the error occurs that when updating the system, it does not do it correctly and that is why the activity center does not open. To fix it, you’ll need to roll back to a previous version and update your system again.

slow processor

When we open the action center or notification center , they are the same. The processor performs a very important job , since thanks to it, the programs, folders and everything that we open, makes them appear. This is why, if you have a very slow processor, it will take a while to open.

For this, you must have a clean computer and in optimal conditions. We recommend that you always keep your computer dust free and clean. To solve this problem, you can restart the computer to see if this is the problem and somehow fix the error. Since this process comes back and repair some boot errors that the computer possesses.


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