How to know the last time and date that a Windows server was restarted

Each time the Windows server is restarted , the purpose of keeping the elements that make up the computer in proper working order, so that the standard durability that each one has can be extended. That is why we emphasize the importance of knowing the last time and date that a Windows server was restarted.

This procedure can also be completed within other operating systems, only within the execution characteristics of each one.

Ensuring the well-being of the team is an aspect that must be considered a priority among each of the users who use a computer, which is why restarting the Windows server is as necessary as any other task.

These systems work in such an intelligent way that every time this action is executed on a server, it generates a usage statistic from that moment on, which receives a constant update each time the equipment is used.

This feature is also very useful for those who want to maintain the server, so today we will explain how to evaluate it on your computer through the Windows operating system.

How to evaluate the last time the Windows server reboot to your PC was performed?

The usage statistic that we mentioned above is a group of information of all the times that your computer has been used since the last time the server was restarted.

Generally, the list is accompanied by data that describes the activities that are carried out within the computer, which is also informative.

Both evaluating the statistics, and restarting the server to the computer, will allow monitoring the use of the same in order to know which aspects require greater maintenance. Extending the useful life of your equipment . If you want to check the performance status of your PC , you can do it through Winsat.

Acquire the statistical report since the last Windows server restart

In case you want to evaluate the degree of usability that the computer has acquired to date, you will be happy to know that you can receive the proof of it through tools such as PowerShell , the “Task Manager” and with the “Command Prompt ”.

From a computer with a version prior to Windows 7

To enter the “Command Prompt” you can run the “Windows + R” key combination or type “CMD” into the “Start” search bar. Through CMD or command prompt you can perform many actions through commands within Windows itself.

Once the window is open, enter the command ” net statistics server ” and press the “Enter” key. A long list of information will automatically appear on the screen. With the up arrow key you must go up to locate the line that starts with “Statistics from …”.

This line will indicate the date and time since the last time a Windows server restart was performed on your computer. So you already have the information you need.

From a computer with version later than Windows 7

Once you have the “Command Prompt” window open, you just have to enter the stat order command. In the updates of Windows 8 and 10 it is different from the one established above.

Enter the command ” systeminfo | find / i “Boot time ” and press the “Enter” key. This last phrase in quotes can be changed to “Boot time”. Executing the same order to the system.

After a few seconds, you will be able to see on the screen the date and time of the last time the computer’s server was restarted. Now you can assess the degree of need for maintenance.

Other useful tools are PowerShell (which can be used instead of CMD ) and Task Manager. Where the latter only need to open the “Performance” tab to evaluate the uptime of the PC.

With regard to software, through the command “ Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_operatingsystem | select csname, lastbootuptime ”it is possible to provide the necessary information.

Through these functions, the user can consider the urgency with which his computer deserves maintenance , including the elements involved.

Now you have the knowledge on how to know the last time and the date that a Windows server was restarted. Ensuring the efficiency of the computer service and its duration. So that each person can enjoy the PC whenever they need it.


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