How to know if there is a pipe in a wall of my house

Home repairs, restorations and remodeling can be quite an adventure, but it can turn into a calamity if done improperly. Knowing how to detect if there is a pipe in the wall of the house, can save a lot of headaches.

How to know if there is a pipe in a wall of my house

In these turbulent times, people seek to save money quickly at home , many times in order to correct a deficiency or with a view to restructuring a space in the home, for this reason they resort to advantageous savings accounts , but all the effort can be left to On the other hand, if something unwanted happens, like a pipe fracture , or bump into it by surprise, and stop the whole project.

The best profitable business ideas can be in help of plumbing, aesthetic restructuring of spaces, or the like, but everything can be truncated if there are unexpected damage or problems to elements such as pipes that were not known in the walls. In addition, one of the best ways to manage personal money will be to guard against future damage. So let’s analyze how to know or detect if there is a pipe in a wall of my house. 

The best way to know if there is a pipe in the wall.How to know if there is a pipe in a wall of my house.

How to know if there is a pipe in a wall of my house

The buildings are not elements that are built under the evolution of life, they deserve structure, analysis, trained personnel, first-class materials and everything related to construction, but there is something we must focus on, the design and distribution of components , what he does with the help of a professional.

The design and distribution are structured thanks to an engineering and architecture team, which establish and assign the general and specific arrangement of each element present in the building. Which in turn is recorded in the form of a construction plan.

Accessing this plan is the most detailed and safe measure of knowing if there is a pipe in the wall of the house , and its exact location, which must be considered before making any intervention to the physical space, since it can compromise the integrity of the same, or worse, of the structure in question, leaving possible fractures from which leaks, mold, or even worse elements originate.

Depending on the scenario, it should always be considered to check the plan of the house, looking for pipes. Although it is possible that you do not have such a plan . So let’s see other exits.

Using the wall scanner to check for pipes

They are elements of daily use for remodeling professionals, who through an advanced scanning and review system can easily and accurately detect the existence and location of the different pipes that may exist in the wall of the home.

Its use is extremely efficient and fast, since it provides information in real time about the internal components found in the entrails of the wall, as well as their position, which will guarantee that the integrity of the wall is not seen. affected in the possible repairs or restructuring of the space.

An important factor to take into consideration is its cost, which can represent a considerable amount , not a fortune, but something to consider and evaluate. However, if a professional is hired, their use will be included and reduced.

Walabot and its help in pipe detection./How to know if there is a pipe in a wall of my house

Technology cannot be relegated to just the use and disposal of professional work tools . It is necessary to mention the Walabot, and its great contribution in solving this issue. It is a digital device that connects to the mobile, the mobile will work through a connection and a mobile application, which does not return the Walabot screen.

This element is a personal scanner that detects concise and precise materials within structures, giving information on their dimensions, caliber, and even through detection through term meters. This well versed and specialized element can represent a great extra solution to the detection of pipes within the walls of a house.


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