How to know if the videos on your YouTube channel have been stolen?

With the content you upload on YouTube, you can earn money depending on the number of visits the video receives. By posting a video that is not entirely your own but has some other content, it will be considered a Copyright violation. It is very important that just as other people do not let some take advantage of the videos they create, you also defend your content.

To defend your content you only have to find out if your YouTube videos have been stolen. Next, we will be showing you how to review such a thing , what is the best tool to see if a video has been stolen and what to do if someone else has stolen one of your YouTube videos.

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  1. Why is it so important to keep a check on who shares your YouTube videos?
    1. Your videos are your property
    2. The content of your videos must be claimed
    3. Profits should be enjoyed by you
  2. What is the best tool to find out if your videos were stolen?
    1. Copyright Match Tool
  3. What can you do if the content of your videos on YouTube has been duplicated?
    1. file
    2. Request removal
    3. Communicate with the channel owner
  4. How to follow up on your case of content duplication on YouTube?

Why is it so important to keep a check on who shares your YouTube videos?

Before checking if your YouTube videos have been duplicated, it is necessary that you advise yourself to maintain some control over the sharing of the videos. Such a thing is very necessary for at least three reasons:

Your videos are your property

The one who has spent time, effort and creativity was you at the time the video was being created. Each of the things shown in it belongs to you.

The content of your videos must be claimed

Since no one has helped you create the video, you can claim it. The complaint within YouTube will be carefully investigated. Once they identify that you are truly the owner of that video, the regulators on the platform will automatically download the video from the other person’s YouTube channel.

Of course, this type of process is only applicable within the YouTube platform, since only there can videos be monetized . In the event that a person downloads a video of yours from YouTube and publishes it on a social network, there is nothing to worry about. Social media doesn’t allow you to monetize content if you don’t have a verified account.

If the person has a verified account, you would have to report the content. To prevent other people from sharing your video, you can make a completely direct link . By doing this, you can also increase the visits your YouTube channel videos receive.

Profits should be enjoyed by you

When the reproductions of your video increase on the YouTube channel, you will be able to enjoy all the profits, this is thanks to your hard work when making the videos. Only you have to enjoy these profits, for that reason it is that you should never let r anyone copy your content and publish it as if it were his property.

What is the best tool to find out if your videos were stolen?

Within the YouTube platform there are thousands of videos, so you cannot review one by one, channel by channel, to see if someone has copied one of your videos. There is a tool that makes this type of work much easier for you, the program is called Copyright Match Tool.

Copyright Match Tool

With the Copyright Match Tool, you will review videos that match your videos. This is something that people who have a YouTube channel will be able to use in case they find a video that is identical or that closely resembles one that you own. They may request a request to remove such video, due to some copyright infringement.

This tool helps you quickly display all kinds of matches to your video as other videos within YouTube. Best of all, if you came across a video that bears a certain resemblance to one of your own, you will choose what kind of action to take.

To use this tool, go to YouTube Studio , look for the option ‘Copyright’, and then go to where it says matches . Once you view each of your video matches as others, you can take several steps.

What can you do if the content of your videos on YouTube has been duplicated?

The tool that YouTube offers to identify copyright with other videos , puts at least three options at your disposal. These three options are ‘Archive’, ‘Request deletion’ and ‘Contact the channel owner’. Let’s see what each of these options entails:


If you see that the matches with one of your videos are few, choose the archive option to remove that match from the notifications of your channel. Sometimes certain videos can look a lot like others. And it does not necessarily mean that the other party has wanted to copy your content, but because of things in life it turned out to be almost the same.

Request removal

When a video removal is requested, regulators will allow you to submit a claim to have the other person’s video removed from their channel. Once you send this request to delete the video, it will not be done immediately, but first it will be followed up and the other video of your property will be kept to see if it is true that it is similar.

Communicate with the channel owner

One of the options most often chosen by people who run into problems of this type is to communicate with the owner of the channel . By communicating with the owner of the channel through an email, you can chat with the person to find out why they copied your video. Another thing you can do is change the privacy of your videos so that the people who steal them cannot see them.

How to follow up on your case of content duplication on YouTube?

The best way to keep track of that kind of thing is to always go to YouTube Studio and check the copyright menu on matches. There , each of the matches that other videos have with your videos will be shown and you will know if someone is copying your content.

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