How to know if someone has a Tinder account

Tinder, the application that could be considered a social network for dating , is also the preferred and most successful dating platform of the moment, either by the number of users or the ease with which the site is managed, day by day it gains popularity .

There may be many reasons why we would like to know if someone we know is using Tinder. And no matter what they are, together with Look How It’s Done, we will tell you how to know if someone has an account on Tinder and we will help you find profiles step by step, even without having an account .

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  1. How can I tell if a Tinder profile is active?
  2. How can I find out if someone has a Tinder account by having a profile?
  3. How to find someone from Facebook on Tinder
  4. What is the best tool to find someone on Tinder without registering?

How can I tell if a Tinder profile is active?

Deleting an account on Tinder can be a long process and will not always be successful, as it is possible that it will be activated again by entering your respective data . Luckily, there is a method that allows users to find out if their account has been successfully deleted.

It is very simple, we do not need to enter from the Tinder App , but from the web page. Nor should we start the session, since we run the risk of activating it again. What we must do to know if the account is active, is the following:

  1. Enter our web browser, either Google or any of our preference, from the mobile or computer. In the search engine we must write the name + Tinder. For example: Anna Maria Tinder.
  2. In the results we will see all the Tinder profiles available with that name or a similar one. We will have to review each one to make sure if it is or not the one we are looking for.
  3. Let’s also check in the images section if you can find some of the photos that we publish on our Tinder profile. In case the account remains active and if we want to get rid of it forever, we will have to delete the Tinder account , this time, permanently.

How can I find out if someone has a Tinder account by having a profile?

As we have already mentioned, finding someone on Tinder through your own profile is not as easy as we would like. However, by making certain adjustments we can make the task easier.

We must start with adjusting the distance at which we believe this person can be found, with the minimum of 2 kilometers and the maximum distance that we consider separating us outside of virtual space. Consider that the shorter the approximate distance, the easier it will be to find the person we are looking for.

How to find someone from Facebook on Tinder

Unlike other social networks, Tinder offers wide privacy to its users, as many of the dating pages are designed. While on Facebook it is easy to find out if a person has an account (unless the user activates all the privacy options), on Tinder it is more complicated.

Although options such as adjusting the distance, common hobbies, selecting our preferred gender or filtering by age range may be useful, this does not guarantee that we will find the Tinder profile of someone we know.

However, we can use an application that will facilitate the search: FriendSwipe , a tool specially designed to track the Tinder profile used by your Facebook friends.

What FriendSwipe does is use the Tinder Social feature to link those people who use the network to meet new people, without the necessary intentions of finding a partner.

Likewise, we must configure the search in the age range in which the person we are looking for is found and make sure that our profile is registered under the preferred gender of that person.

If our search is not successful, it can be explained as that the person is at a greater distance than the adjusted one or does not fit into the age range you selected.

It may also be that this person is using Tinder Gold , a paid version that offers more privacy to its users. Or you are just not using Tinder today.

What is the best tool to find someone on Tinder without registering?

Cheaterbuster offers you the best search service on Tinder without the need to register. With it you can filter the search with the person’s data. This service is private and to use it we must pay a fee of € 6.99.

You can enter here to learn more about this tool. Their page is completely in English, but it is very intuitive and we can handle it without problem.

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