How to know if my mobile has dual SIM

Mobile phones have been betting on innovation in recent years to offer different functionalities to consumers. This has allowed them to take a great leap since the first launch of the considered mobile terminal, launched by the manufacturer Motorola, although other prototypes were previously known.

Phones from years ago onwards usually have a slot to insert a double SIM, or what is the same, have two numbers in a single device. How do I know if my mobile has dual SIM? . For this, it is necessary to consult the device information, open the slot, among other things.

The Dual SIM function will come in handy if you want to separate the phone from the company with the staff, both can be consulted simultaneously without affecting it. This will come in handy if you do not have two smartphones, everything happens by connecting the two and waiting for the automatic detection of the terminal.


  • 1 Check the slot
  • 2 Check the Settings
  • 3 Look for information on the box
  • 4 Go to the manufacturer’s page
  • 5 Check the IMEI
  • 6 Set up a Dual SIM phone

Check the slot

To determine if it is Dual SIM or not, it is best to check the tray , also known as a slot in any of the current mobile phones. It usually comes with at least two spaces, three in other phone models, two for the SIM cards and one of them is for the SD card.

Having only one notch, we are facing a device that accepts a card, and the entry range onwards usually comes with up to two. It is the first thing you should look at, if it has one or two spaces, so it will be known first-hand if we can use two SIMs.

Check Settings

Another step to go to if you want to know if it accepts dual SIM is to do it in the phone’s settings, the manufacturer usually shows whether or not it accepts two cards. Many manufacturers have opted to give this extra knowing that many people have at least two SIMs to separate daily life from work.

To find out whether or not it accepts two SIMs, go to Settings – Mobile networks – SIM / SIM management , here it usually shows whether or not it accepts the two cards. In our case, it accepts a 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G SIM and an eSIM (2G / 3G / 4G), it is optional that we use it or not, especially because it does not mix calls and messages.

Look for information on the box

All phones show information about their characteristics in the box, be it the processor, RAM, storage and even if it has dual SIM . It is important to check the box from the front, side and the back to see if it adds the two card slot.

They usually put the important thing, despite this some phone manufacturers show this information, although in the case of some they do not. The dual SIM has been incorporated in most brands of devices, being an element that is essential for many people.

Go to the manufacturer’s page

One option that shows if the phone is dual SIM is to go to the manufacturer’s page, by looking for the name and model we can get rid of doubts. The tuning of the model will be vital if you want to know if the current phone adds a slot to know if the mobile has dual SIM or not.

For example, to find out if in the Huawei P40 Pro we have the possibility of adding two cards, we will search in Google for “Huawei P40 Pro” and we will access Consumer Huawei. Once it is accessed we will click on «Specifications» , in Specific Network the existence of two SIMs, the primary and the secondary one.

This happens when looking for other models , for example if we want to know if the Wiko View 5 Plus has dual SIM we access the Wiko website, click on Smartphones and click on “Discover”. Now we go down to the bottom and click on “Technical specifications”, once the PDF is open, click on page 2 and in Dual SIM we see that it accepts two “Nano SIMs”.

Check the IMEI

One of the things that determine if the mobile phone is dual SIM is checking the IMEI , if it is, it will have up to two instead of one. If your smartphone accepts two SIM cards you will be able to see up to two different IMEIs, this makes you separate the cards and be able to block it in case of loss.

The IMEI check is identical in all phones under one command, it is essential to do it if we want to know about this information. To do this, enter the code * # 06 # in the «Telephone» dialing and immediately a window will pop up at the bottom with the two IMEIs and some additional information.

IMEI codes show a total of 15 digits , apart from being able to also access it in the following way on any phone from the hundreds of manufacturers: Go to Settings> About phone> Status> IMEI, showing again the two numbers that contain 15 digits in total.

Set up a Dual SIM phone

Once you insert the two SIM cards in the mobile, you must unlock both with the PIN code so that they start working, as in the case of only one. If you have a Nano SIM and an eSIM you must first speak with the company to give that information and that the second is of these two types.

Give each card a name to differentiate them, for example if number 1 is the “República Móvil” operator, put a nickname to find out which phone number it is, whether the main or the secondary one. In many cases, it shows the main information of each one, so you must choose the main one over the other.

If the mobile phone has the option of using the two simultaneously activates that function, the battery consumption will be greater. Confirm at least one of them as the SIM to receive calls, if you have a phone for work and professional life, choose one over the other.

In the upper part, if you have the two cards active, it will show you the two networks in the upper part, each one working independently. The best thing is that they operate each one on their own and configure both cards to use one or the other depending on whether you want to have someone close to you or with the company.


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