How to know if my fingerprint has been deleted from the internet

Every time you surf the internet on any page you access, a fingerprint or path is created that can be easily traced either by companies that are in charge of analyzing BIG DATA or by dangerous hackers who can steal our data. information for harmful purposes, so can the fingerprint be erased?

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  1. What is digital trace and how to remove IP trace?
  2. How to know if my fingerprint has been deleted from the internet
    1. Verify that your name does not appear in the results
    2. Delete all posts you have made
  3. How to erase your personal data from the internet in a few steps
    1. Delete accounts on social networks and other platforms
    2. Use anonymous or private accounts
    3. Using disposable phones
    4. Use secure and private browsers
    5. Stop using Google as a search engine
    6. Use VPN
    7. Use secure instant messaging apps
  4. Is it really possible to minimize your fingerprint?
  5. Delete a fingerprint
  6. Digital Trace
  7. Applications to erase the digital trail

What is digital trace and how to remove IP trace?

When we talk about a trace or fingerprint, we refer to any action we carry out on the network using personal data . It can be something as simple as entering our email on a platform, searching with our user in an unsafe browser, etc. Sometimes we leave a digital trail on purpose, because we make a record, but other times we don’t.

Some pages and applications are made of data such as our IP, history and others for commercial purposes, but in these ways they violate our privacy exposing us to hackers, who already know where to find our information. For this we must take security measures, protecting our data.

The most basic measure we can take is to eliminate the IP trace . While we cannot delete the history that we already have previously on a website, we can start over with a new IP, which is precisely what we achieve when using a virtual private network, or VPN for its acronym in English. There are thousands on the internet, changing our IP to protect us from any tracking . Some are:

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How to know if my fingerprint has been deleted from the internet

If you have already tried to erase your fingerprint and want to verify it, there are some steps and actions that you must take, being one hundred percent sure. Some of the ones we can follow are:

Verify that your name does not appear in the results

When looking for our name in any search engine, our users and social network profiles will normally appear, in some cases email addresses and labels on the internet. But if we look for our name and other people appear, we can be calmer, since we are out of reach of internet search engines .

Delete all posts you have made

In these advanced times of the internet, everyone has ever made a post on a social network or website. But if we want to remove our entire fingerprint, you need to remove all these posts . It will not be a big problem, because many social networks and platforms allow us to delete them without much protocol.

How to erase your personal data from the internet in a few steps

If at this point we want to delete our data from the network, we will show you the mandatory steps to follow to achieve it . It can be tedious, but in less than a week we could eliminate our digital trail quickly and easily.

Delete accounts on social networks and other platforms

Despite using our information to sell products and advertising, any internet service that has our data must allow us to delete our account from their site. This applies to social networks, platforms, emails, etc. Even in some of these we can download all our data , so we do not lose everything from our past user.

Use anonymous or private accounts

Given the case that we want to erase our fingerprint, but we do not want to disappear for our friends on social networks, there is a way with which we can reduce the trace we leave , this being to use a private account. Once again, all social networks have a private account option, so with this we are not 100 percent protected, but more than using public accounts .

Using disposable phones

For some people the necessity means that they have to urgently remove the fingerprint, making extreme decisions such as using disposable phones. If this is our case, the disposable phones that we buy should be as cheap as possible, because beyond saving money, it is unlikely that they will bring a GPS option and much less the internet .

Use secure and private browsers

Despite being safe, the most popular browsers are also the ones that receive the main attempts to violate their security , also having the disadvantage of offering other services over the Internet, which do not allow complete disconnection from them.

On the other hand, we have secure browsers like Brave, which offers functions that cover part of the other requirements mentioned here , such as blocking ads, VPN service, blocking trackers and offering us the Tor search engine.

Stop using Google as a search engine

When it comes to search engines, Google is not nearly the safest . It is one of the most popular, but its commitment and connection to all Google services, makes it a data collector that can harm our security.

There are other useful and safer search engines, one of these being Ecosia. With Ecosia no extra data is stored nor is our privacy violated , and with each search we do through this engine, we are contributing to the reforestation of the forests.


Earlier we mentioned it as an option to remove our IP trace. By encrypting the data of the internet network that we have, pretending to be the network where the VPN is based, with some based in up to 26 countries around the world.

Use secure instant messaging apps

There are hundreds of instant messaging applications, however, the most popular of these usually have privacy terms that do not favor us in their entirety . Luckily there are some that do give us a security of our data that we want to keep private, being the best option Telegram. With this application, privacy is assured , in addition to having good quality and user protection.

Is it really possible to minimize your fingerprint?

If it is possible to minimize our fingerprint, but it is not possible to eliminate it entirely . The applications that collect our data usually make backups, within where our data will be that will prevent the elimination of our fingerprint through the internet.

Delete a fingerprint

Knowing that you cannot disappear from the web just by pressing a button that says delete, you must begin to reduce the digital trail by erasing information little by little.

In this sense; Emails must also be deleted , used or unused, as well as accounts that are linked to said emails, this process seems complicated because we may not remember where to register but this has a solution.

Digital Trace

All people have left a trace on the web, which even they themselves do not know. This data provided is traceable by anyone with advanced computer skills or by the companies that are responsible for carrying out these actions, many times illegal for data analysis. .

The disclosure of data by people can be explicit when sharing photos on different social networks, or reveal their date of birth , city of origin, telephone numbers and even bank accounts in the records of pages or emails.

However, we also implicitly share information , without knowing it when entering any page, where its creator can know data from our computer such as the browser we use, the IP address and even the operating system of our computer, as well as the last website visited. before entering that page.

Applications to erase the digital trail

There are times when we cannot eliminate certain data so it is necessary to send a letter to Google asking to eliminate some information.There are also applications that allow us to erase the traces that we have planted deep in the web, some more precise than others as well as there are private and free.

One of the most frequently used applications for this arduous process is: Delete me, which is a private application that currently costs approximately $ 11 per month.

Delete me specializes in eliminating us from the databases of American companies and even around the world, it is also in charge of deleting all the data that appears about us in Google.

On the other hand, within the free applications, desires are widely used, which are extremely effective in eliminating the records made with the mail in different spaces.

This application scans the mail and shows all the records on pages made with said mail and gives the option to delete the records or subscriptions.

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