How to know if an iPhone is reported on Apple’s blacklist

Apple, one of the best technology brands in the world, where each of its products is coveted by its fans or users. Their equipment is sometimes very expensive, which leads us to buy second-hand products.

When we dare to have a second-hand iPhone, whatever the model, it is important that this device is not on the black list , this is an evil that many users fear when buying it, their worst fear is not knowing what to do, that they do not get the way to see before taking the equipment if it is reported or not.

What is the Apple blacklist?

Basically it is that when you buy your used iPhone, you cannot use it , but it is not that it does not turn on or the equipment has undergone a radical change, because you can have the device, use its main tools without realizing what is happening, that’s why many People are wary of having a second-hand iPhone.

Some people associate it with the iCloud software , for example, or that it is blocked, normally these ideas arise to get a faster response, but it is not like that, because if it were blocked it would not exercise the functions of the device, really if there is a blockage, but it is in the company’s database that renders the terminal of your “new” iphone inoperative .

So what happens is that when you try to make a call, that report is automatically activated, the company is already aware that the reported iPhone is being used.

So what it does is erase the IMEI , resulting in that when you call you cannot do this function, but keep in mind that you can perform functions such as playing games on that device, so it is important that you know how to identify it.

Causes of an iPhone being blacklisted

The number one cause is that the previous user has not paid for the services with Apple , the most comfortable solution is for the previous user to make an agreement with the company, this company has the option to do so and pay that debt.

Also, when they are stolen, users of course report them so that they are blocked so that they cannot be used for elementary functions like calling.

When people tend to be forgetful, they can lose their iphone so they have the opportunity to report it, so that someone else can’t use it, then in case the person finally finds it they can delete it from the list.

With complete peace of mind, this is one of Apple’s most useful tools for their iPhones, but most people do not know this when they buy the device.

Steps to see if your iPhone is reported on the blacklist

  • Enter configuration.
  • You press where it says cellular data.
  • There in the first three boxes you will see one that says options , if it tells you that, your iphone is not reported.
  • Up to there it is simple, but in case no options appear, you will already know that this iPhone is reported, for this case what you should do is the following:
  1. You enter swappa imei in any browser , you enter the first option that is in the browser.
    When opening, an empty box will appear with the following acronyms ESN / IMEI / MEID, what it really asks for is the IMEI of your iphone.
  2. You find the IMEI of your iphone in settings in the general option, when you are in general you go to information.
    Being already in the information option you will see that when you download you find the IMEI, the number that appears next to it is the one that you are going to place in the box.
  3. You place it in the box with the following initials ESN / IMEI / MEID, click on the green ESN check button.
  4. It will automatically be reflected if it is on the blacklist or not.

Since you know these steps, keep in mind that you can lose the fear of having your long-awaited iphone in case you have the income to have a second-hand one, knowing that it is or is not on the black list you can count on the full confidence of what that device can offer you.


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