How to know if a user has blocked you on Instagram?

There are many reasons why one person ends up blocking another in a social network, and many times we do not even realize when this happens because a notification does not reach us. For this reason, we will show you how you can tell if you have been blocked on Instagram by someone else.

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  1. How to know if an account has blocked you on Instagram from the application?
    1. The username does not appear in the search engine
    2. Will not appear in the list of followers
  2. What are the third-party applications that allow you to see which users have blocked you?
    1. Followers Track, AiGrow, and InstaFollow

How to know if an account has blocked you on Instagram from the application?

The option to block a person on Instagram or any social network is necessary to avoid any type of virtual harassment by a user , but this is not the only reason and we ourselves can be affected when a user is the one who blocks us.

When this happens, regardless of who has blocked whom, the effects will be the same for both involved , that is: they will not be able to see photos or publications of the other person; You will not be able to send messages, you will not be able to see or respond to the stories, you will not be able to comment on the publications that are made.

As we have already mentioned, the social network Instagram does not send us a notification when someone has blocked us or we have blocked that someone. Therefore, if a person blocks us on Instagram , we will most likely not even notice it and for this, we will have to search on our own, either from the mobile application itself or from the website to know with certainty if we have been blocked.

The username does not appear in the search engine

It is normal to confuse if someone has blocked us, since when looking for the person’s profile in the Instagram search bar , absolutely nothing appears or there are even traces of their profile. Actually, when this happens, it means that the other person has unsubscribed from Instagram by inactivating or deleting their account.

When a person has blocked us, regardless of this, it will still appear in our search engine and we will be able to enter his profile, only that we will not see absolutely anything about him other than his name and the number of posts he has made on his profile.

You can make sure using another account, whether it is an alternative you have or that of a friend, and search their profile on Instagram or through your Facebook friends , if you do not get it, it is already certain that they have canceled their account on Instagram ; If, on the contrary, with that other account you can see their profile and when you enter you can see everything, then it means that they have blocked you (your original account).

Will not appear in the list of followers

Another way to find out is by examining your list of followers, as simple and simple as that, what you should do is go to your profile and enter the list of your Instagram followers , if that person already followed you previously and has blocked you afterwards, it will not appear.

Also, you can examine your list of people who you follow, in case you can not see the profile of the person in question in your following list, then it may mean that they have deleted you.

What are the third-party applications that allow you to see which users have blocked you?

If by chance none of the ways that we mentioned above convince you, you can then turn to other applications that can fulfill this task in a definitive way.

You can get these apps to find out if they have blocked us on Instagram through the PlayStore (for Android) or in the App Store (for iPhone or iPad). It should be noted that none of those applications that you get are official by the social network , so you must be careful with which one you choose, since you will give certain privacy permissions of your account to those applications.

Don’t worry, here we will name you some apps as a recommendation that will not only help you to know if someone has blocked you or not, since they will also serve as virtual managers for all marketing and managing your account.

Followers Track, AiGrow, and InstaFollow

  • We start this list with the Followers Trackapp , available for both Android and iOS, in its lite (or free) version, you can keep track of who are the people who follow and stop following you and who interact with you. With the premium version, you will have a more extensive range of functions, including those that have blocked you.
  • AiGrowis the next application on our list of the most recommended managers by users. In addition to all the management and registration of the activities and interactions of our followers with our account, you can also know the people who have blocked you; But of course, for this you must also subscribe to one of their plans, the VIP is the most recommended.
  • Last but not least, InstaFollow,like the previous ones, offers multiple options for managing your account and of course, with the paid version you will unlock more functions such as knowing who has blocked you.
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