How to know if a router is up to date

The router is a fundamental piece for our connections. If we want to have good speed, quality and stability when surfing the net, it is essential to have this device in good condition. For this, one of the most important points is that it is updated . In this article we will see how we can check it and also what reasons there are to update it.

How to know if the router is up to date

It should be mentioned that depending on the router we have, we can have different options to know if it is updated or not. In the same way there are different methods to update each device. Sometimes this process is automatic, while sometimes we will have to do it manually.

Enter the router

One of the most common methods to find out if the router is properly updated is to log into it. To do this, we must know the default gateway , which is usually, and enter the credentials to access. If we do not know what the default gateway is, we simply have to go to Start, type CMD, run the Command Prompt and put ipconfig. There it will show us a series of data, among which is the default gateway of the router

When we are inside the router, it will depend on the exact model. Generally you have to go to the menu, we enter Firmware / software update and there it will show us if there is an available update that we can add.

At other times, that information will not appear, but we will be able to know which version we have and later check if it is the latest available. To do this you have to enter advanced options (although it will depend on the model, once again), Device information and there see the version of the software installed. Later we go to the manufacturer’s website to check if it is the latest available.

Other devices allow this information to be known through a button that appears within advanced options, administration and firmware update or router update. We can click there and check if there is a new version.

Go to the manufacturer’s website

A simple option if we know the exact model of our router is to go to the manufacturer’s website . There we can see which is the most up-to-date version for each device. We can compare with the version we have installed and in this way know if we need to install a new one or on the contrary we have the latest available.

Receive a notice from the router

Some router models send an alert when a new update is available. In this way we simply have to accept and the download will automatically begin. It is a simple method that is available on some of the newer devices. It is not something that is available to everyone, especially the models offered by the Internet operators themselves.

Why you should update the router

Having the router updated is very important for our connections. After all, it is the device that allows us to surf the net, which allows us to connect multiple computers and have a connection.

Security reasons

One of those main reasons is security . On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. These bugs require patches and updates to be corrected.

In addition, we can also improve some aspects related to security to prevent them from accessing the Wi-Fi network.

Have a higher performance

Of course we will also be able to achieve higher performance . With each new version we can obtain improvements that make the operation of the device better, with fewer failures, fewer cuts and higher quality.

This is something that we must always apply to all types of devices that we have connected to the network. Achieving maximum performance is essential for everything to go smoothly.

New features

Lastly, yet another reason to upgrade your router is to get new features . With each new version they introduce improvements and solve problems that may be present, but they can also include some features that were not available before and that improve the usability of the equipment.

For all this, keeping the router up to date is essential to avoid problems and achieve the best possible performance. We have seen some methods that we can take into account to know whether or not we have the latest firmware version available.


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