How to join two audio tracks with online tools?

If you are a DJ, a musician, a producer, a filmaker, etc., it is more than certain that on some occasion you will have needed to use a tool that allows you to edit audios, more specifically in mp3 format, and although it seems somewhat complicated, everything is world of editing, it is quite simple to carry out if you have the right tools.

This time we will explain how to join audio tracks, either with online tools or with specialized software, you will see that it is much easier than you think, shall we start?

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  1. What guidelines must your audios meet to be able to perform the fusion?
  2. What are the best tools you can use to stitch your audios and how to use it?
    1. Audio-joiner
    2. Clideo
  3. How to download the merged audio on your mobile device or PC?

What guidelines must your audios meet to be able to perform the fusion?

When we want to do this type of edition, it is because perhaps we want to make a playlist for a party, we want to make the Soundtrack for a video or short, etc. The guidelines are not great, on the contrary, they are quite simple. 

The first thing is that the audio in question must be downloaded to the device, in this case, on our computer or laptop, preferably, we will have to have it downloaded in mp3. If what we want is to extract the audio from a video to later use it in another, we will have to convert that mp4 to mp3 , using a simple online converter, it is something that is done in a matter of a minute.

Once we have the mp3s ready to use, we can choose how to proceed. Will we use online tools or software? there are so many options. For example, if we want to use a default PC program, we could even use Moviemaker, we could download Audacity or even aim a little higher and use some program like Fl Studio.

After having our mp3s, we will proceed to import the file to the tool of our preference, in this case, we will use an online tool, in most cases, it will indicate us in detail how to upload the file to the system.

What are the best tools you can use to stitch your audios and how to use it?

The tools will be many, but luckily, the vast majority will function quite similarly to each other , today we will focus on 2 tools in particular, which are quite simple to use.


This tool is quite practical and easy to use, its interface simulates a professional audio editor , with tracks, channels and even the intensity of the audio waves. In this editor you can choose whether to work the audios on different tracks or merge them on the same track.

All you have to do is locate the option to ‘add tracks’, and there you can locate how many tracks you need, in this case, we will work towards 2 tracks. The only thing we will have to do is locate the 2 audios, choose the one that goes first and the one that goes after, and just after the end of the first one, we will superimpose the other audio, so that as soon as one ends, the other begins.

We can do this by working both audios on the same track or channel, or using different channels, it is recommended to do the second, since this way we can work and edit each audio separately. 


This is another very useful tool, its interface is a little different from that of audio-joiner , since in it we can directly find the option to merge, all we have to do is choose the 2 audios that we want, select ‘merge ‘and the app will do its thing. Although in the same way, we can do it manually.

This application will also help us to use resources such as compressing, cropping, subtitling, and we can even work our videos directly there.

How to download the merged audio on your mobile device or PC?

The last step to be able to have our audios on the PC, will be extremely simple, since we will only have to locate the respective option to ‘download’, in each of the tools, it is most likely that in each of them, it is perfectly indicated anywhere on the screen or interface.

Once the download option is selected, we will choose to which part of the storage of our computer it will go, we will put a name and we will save our final work there. This will not be the only way to do this, since we can use all kinds of tools to import and export audio such as Filmora , Premier, MovieMaker, etc. Not to mention the infinity of online tools that we will find.

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