How to join or leave a clan in Garena Free Fire game

Today we are going to see how to join or leave a clan in the Garena Free Fire game in a simple way. Since playing this Battle Royale alone is not exactly the most fun.

How to Join or Leave a Clan in Garena Free Fire Game

¿ Who does not know Free Fire ? It is a Battle Royale designed for mobile devices that since its inception fell in love with a huge number of players around the world, keeping them hooked for hours and hours in front of the screen of their mobile devices.

There is even a trick so you can download and install Free Fire for free on your PC and thus play with all the comforts that computer peripherals can provide.

The idea of ​​the game is quite simple, but at the same time very addictive. We are going to land on a fairly large island with dozens of players. The idea is to find weapons and try to eliminate the rest of the players. Only one can win and he survives to the end. It seems like a simple premise, but it can be more complicated than you think.

As you can imagine this kind of game is much more fun to play with friends. Especially if they can talk while doing it. For this Free Fire has a clan system where you can join a group of people to play together.

Don’t you know how to enter a clan? Do you want to leave your clan to join another? Don’t worry because we are not only going to explain in detail how to enter or join a Free Fire clan, but we will also explain step by step how to leave a clan in this incredible Battle Royale.

How to join a clan in Free Fire

To join a clan in Free Fire the process is too simple and by following the steps that you will see below, get them to join any clan in the game .

What you should do is enter the clan section . Here you can manage the clan where you are if you belong to one. If you don’t have a clan then you can see the option to enter the one you want.

You can see a list of clans and all you have to do is press ” Enter ” or ” Join “. They can also send you a request from a clan to join which you can see in the messages received.

This is normal when you create a clan among friends and they want to invite you in a specific way so that you do not have to search among all the clans that currently exist in this game.

You can also use the search engine to enter a clan. Simply enter the clan name and submit the request . Once sent you must wait for the leader of the same to accept it and finally you will be able to enter a Free Fire clan.

How to leave a clan in Free Fire

To leave a Garena Free Fire clan is a fairly simple process that will take you very little time. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • First you will have to enter the clan section.
  • After this you go to the list of members.
  • Now click on the ” Door ” icon which you can see in the lower left part of the screen.

In this way you already know how to leave a Free Fire clan quickly and easily . You’re ready to be a lone wolf in this mobile battle royale that everyone is talking about and enjoying.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about how to join or leave a Free Fire clan you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little further down.


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