How to invite or add friends to Clash Royale with or without Facebook

Playing video games is a great hobby, and it’s one that anyone can have, but what makes it so special? The answer is behind the fun that comes with hours of games.

The beautiful experiences that are lived through the skin of the different characters and all the extraordinary moments that we can have with a game, either out of fright or admiration.

How to Invite or Add Friends to Clash Royale with or without Facebook

Whatever your reason for playing a video game, it will always be for fun, and there really is no greater fun than that we get from other people. It is true that we can spend hours playing a single player video game, but when we play with other people our entire experience with the video game changes a lot.

The multiplayer games have changed much over the years, and have gone from being cooperative to be highly competitive between players with the advent of the internet. Although competition between friends has always existed, even since the days of arcade rooms, today there is a strong and flourishing competitive scene.

A perfect example of this is Clash Royale , a real-time strategy game that is based on the use of cards that come to life on a board in order to knock down towers. The scene of this game has grown a lot with the passing of time, since it has a very staunch competitive environment , where everyone strives to be the best.

But, even if it is a one-play strategy game, it is possible to have double games and even be able to face your friends through its particular game design. However, if you want to add a friend or invite him to do this, just follow the next step.

Adding your friends

Clash Royale is extremely fun to play, as it can bring hours of fun to its users with just normal games, and it can bring many more with the fun games that playing with friends brings. If you have a friend just as adept at Clash Royale as you, you may want to add them to the game so you can play together.

Really adding your friends is not too difficult as you can even invite your friend to download the game. All you have to do is enter the Clash Royale game , and once inside slide to the bottom tab of “social” which is a blue shield with a white figure.

Here, you will see at the top a tab that says “Friends”, if you enter it the first thing you will see will be a large yellow button that says “Invite friends”. From here it is very simple, just select the method where you want to contact your friend (preferably WhatsApp) and send him a message with a link.

If your friend selects the link, they will have been automatically added to your friends list, and the same happens if the person to whom you have sent the message does not have the game, since they will send it directly to the app store of their device to download it.

Using Facebook

Using Facebook is a good option if you want to connect with your friends through Clash Royale, and it is also a very simple option, as it is almost as simple as adding a friend normally. All you have to do is go to the “Social” tab that is in the main interface of the game, at the bottom.

Once there, you have to select the tab at the top that says “Friends” and you will see a button at the bottom with the Facebook logo that says “Connect”, so select it, follow the instructions on the screen and you can see all your friends on your Facebook there who have connected with it


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