How to invite my friends to play Ludo Club on WhatsApp and Facebook?

2020 was a year full of situations very out of the ordinary for everyone, but despite this, a large number of video games specialized in Android and iOS operating systems saw the light. Some of these even got good recognition and good reviews from users and the gaming world in general.

The funny thing is that the vast majority of games that were so successful last year are entirely online and therefore must be played by 2 or more people. The idea of ​​being able to coincide with friends, family and acquaintances at the time of playing prompted the idea of wanting to acquire these titles . Also most of these are considered as simple games that you can finish in a few minutes.

Therefore, Simple Games plus the idea of ​​being able to play with your friends wherever you are is a winning combination and much more feasible for everyone on behalf of what the year 2020 was for us. These apps in recent years have reached the point of being part of the most downloaded games in different stores such as Play Store or App Store.

A large number of downloads have even been reported in alternative or third-party stores such as Uptodown, Aptoide, APKpore, among others. But within all these important games there is one that stands out from the rest. Next we will tell you what Ludo Club is and what this game is about. Stay and find out all the details related to this.

What is Ludo Club and what does it offer us?

This is a hilarious game created and developed by Moonfrog and Mo Saied. This had already spent a few years in the market but undoubtedly in recent years its boom and growth was immense to the point that it is one of the favorite games of the year 2020 by a large number of users and critics equaling other powerful titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile or Free Fire.

This is based on the classic ludo game which can be played between 2 to 4 people , each of them has a different color and its main objective is to reach the central square by entering all its chips before the other opponents. A simple board game with a board and a dice that you can now enjoy from your mobile or tablet without any problem.

How to invite my friends to play Ludo Club on WhatsApp and Facebook?

In addition to the individual game version of us against the machine, we can also play online with other people who also have Ludo Club installed in their respective terminals. To do this we will only have to make an invitation so that they accept to play a game with us. Keep reading and we will explain everything.

Initially, when you enter the Ludo Club application for the first time , you will be given the option to register in a common way or through your Facebook account. If you do it the 2nd way, you can search for all those people that you have added as friends on Facebook who have this fun game installed before hand.

From Ludo Club we can look for them and invite them to a game, hopefully they accept it and that’s it. Although it is always preferable to tell your friends in advance if they want to play a Ludo Club game because the invitations have an estimated time. In this way they will be able to accept the invitation as quickly as possible.

But this is not the only option to invite friends to play , nor is it the only platform that we can access to do so. We can also invite anyone by WhatsApp, we explain it to you. Our first step will be to enter the Ludo Club app, once there we will go to the “Friends” option . This is at the bottom of the menu.

We will click on this box and proceed to choose the game mode that will be applied in the game, you can also add the amount of money that the winner of the game can obtain. Now we will only send the code presented by WhatsApp or Facebook and that’s it. Invitation made


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