How to invite my friends to play Garena Free Fire with me

Multiplayer games have really represented a before and after in video games, but among those that stand out the most are shooting games or war games, since their users usually enjoy several hours inside the game. Which is why this category appears among the best titles.

How to Invite My Friends to Play Garena Free Fire With Me

This has reached such a point that multiplayer shooter games are no longer exclusive to computers. If not, it has also managed to migrate to smart devices, making it possible for a greater number of users to play them, as is the example of Garena Free Fire.

Without a doubt, Free Fire has been one of the video games that has become the most popular. Being used by a large number of users, who choose it, since it offers a pleasant interface and is also very intuitive and generates a high level of entertainment .

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a completely original title for operating systems on smart phones such as Android or iOS , which has become known with enormous growth in many countries in Europe and Latin America.

In addition, the game has proven to be incredibly addictive for users, many of them have been playing Free Fire for several months and still do not get tired of playing it. Look that is truly amazing. It should be noted that it is a multiplayer game, with which you can enjoy a wonderful experience in real time . If you are a fan you should be attentive to the updates

How to play Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is characterized by the Battle Royal style of confrontation, this style consists of a large number of players , which in this case are 50, who face either separately or in teams. In such a way that the last players or the last team in life will be the winners.

What is different to many shooting games is that the user does not choose the weapon equipping them or buying them previously. If not that when entering the combat zone, he will have to look for them in strategic areas before another player who already has his weapons equipped, quickly eliminates him from the confrontation.

Is it very difficult to download and install Garena Free Fire?


Another incredible factor of Garena Free Fire is that it is very simple to install, its installation process can be done by even a person without knowledge, since you only need to enter Google Play (ideally, your Google Play Store is updated ) to Android cell phones or in the App Store for cell phones that use the iOS system.

Subsequently, we write in the search engine « Garena Free Fire » and select the first result that appears. We give to download and wait for the installation process to finish.

What requirements does the game ask for it to run correctly on the cell phone?

The game does not require a state-of-the-art cell phone with a large RAM memory storage and a state-of-the-art processor. Even low-end cell phones can easily run it due to its low graphic requirement .

The operating systems in which it can be installed vary, in the case of Android cell phones like Samsung, an operating system 4.0 or higher is required . While for iOS cell phones, which are mainly iPhones, a system 8.0 or higher is required.

How to invite my friends to play with me?


In order to invite a friend in Garena Free Fire, there are two very simple methods. The first applies if both have entered their Facebook account, therefore the game will indicate the friends on Facebook who play, and you only need to enter the “add friends” section to add them. You also have the option to change your Free Fire Facebook account

Now if some or none entered through Facebook, it will be necessary to add them through their nickname, which must be written exactly the same in the “add” section . When we have it added, we can send the invitation to the game and proceed to play with him or her.

There are 2 options for team play, the first is through the “duo” option that allows you to play in pairs, and the second is the “squad” option that allows more than 3 players. Although certainly in both cases, the enjoyment of the game is greater when you play with a known person.

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