How to invest 1 million reais strategically?

Finding the best strategy to invest 1 million reais is not usually the easiest task. After all, when reaching an accumulated equity in this amount, allocating your contributions in a balanced way is extremely important.

In this post, we will clarify what you need to know to invest this money well, as well as suggest some assets and present a good strategy. Check out!

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  • 1What do I need to know before investing 1 million reais? 
  • 2Where to invest 1 million reais?
  • 3What is the best strategy to invest 1 million? 
    • 1Magnetis Infinity: exclusivity and excellence for those who know what they want

What do I need to know before investing 1 million reais?

Before investing $1 million, you need to define what your needs and goals are. Most people with high wealth find this an effective way to live on income and enjoy the future in the desired way.

This amount, when applied strategically, brings high profitability to the investment portfolio. Thus, it is possible to facilitate the achievement of dreams that go far beyond just living with your passive income or guaranteeing a good equity succession. That’s because, through qualified management , your moment of life is considered when making decisions.

Regardless of the scenario, to invest 1 million you need the support of specialists, responsible for defining the best strategy, according to your objectives and your risk tolerance.

Where to invest 1 million reais?

One of the advantages that investors with 1 million in accumulated equity can find is access to exclusive investment funds . In other words, portfolio management can be done in a way that aggregates sophisticated assets that are not available to the general public.

Even for the most experienced, it is essential to carefully analyze the strategies – so that choosing where to invest your millions really brings the expected results – through unique and meaningful services for your investment journey.

A truly diversified portfolio can provide you with the security you need to invest solidly. Despite the risks, allocations balanced according to your tolerance guarantee positive results even in adverse scenarios.

Through the ideal ratio between fixed and variable income , with uncorrelated assets, there is protection in the medium and long term, in addition to differentiated returns.

While government bonds and private credit funds preserve the portfolio, the investor can also rely on stock and multimarket funds in order to diversify the strategy and obtain exponential results.

What is the best strategy to invest 1 million?

To invest 1 million reais with maximum profitability and still enjoy exclusive advantages, count on excellent management to accompany you at every step.

Magnetis Infinity , the new segment of one of the most promising fintechs today, combines tradition and technology to take care of portfolios starting at 1 million. In partnership with Julius Baer Family Office (JBFO), a manager recognized for its approach free of any conflict of interest and total focus on sophisticated wealth multiplication, we save long hours dedicated to investments so that your assets work for you.

Magnetis Infinity: exclusivity and excellence for those who know what they want

We offer the ideal support to ensure the best opportunities in the market for your portfolio, understanding your needs through a personalized consultancy .

The unique diversification is due to exclusive access to funds that are not available to individuals, promoting solid results for those who want to achieve their main financial goals without complications.

Whether you want to prepare for retirement or carry out the succession planning of your assets, Magnetis Infinity brings to your hands automated asset analysis, 100% aligned with your interests. In a simple and intuitive way, you’ll be able to set priorities easily, leaving the management of your assets to us.

With assets with excellent historical returns, being part of Magnetis Infinity allows access to renowned and reliable funds, such as Verde Multimercado , Dynamo Cougar and Atmos Ações .
Achieve superior performance in your financial applications with the support of Magnetis , the specialist in asset management that will help you achieve your main dreams. If you are interested in being part of an exclusive segment to maximize your earnings, check out Magnetis Infinity .

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