How to invert or flip a text in Photoshop?

If you want to become the best designer in the world, you must learn to use each of the programs that you have at your disposal to create and edit projects. The first on the learning list should be Photoshop, as this is the best. That is why today you will see how to invert or flip a text in Photoshop.

And, if you are going to talk about complete applications , it is obvious that Photoshop will emerge in the conversation, because it is one of the best programs that any graphic designer can use. Thanks to the many tools it has and the interface so easy to understand that it uses (literally in a few months you will be able to make an  architectural plan in Photoshop ).

How to invert or flip a text in Photoshop?

What you will learn today is one of the most basic functions that this program has, but at the same time one of the most useful when creating your project.

Inverting or flipping a text in Photoshop helps you give character to your work or edit a photo in a peculiar way (such as when you use the tools to outline or justify text in Photoshop ), so if your goal is to create a logo or unique design, this will help you greatly.

To achieve the goal, you have to start by opening Photoshop, when you have already entered create a document from 0, selecting first ” File ” and then ” New ” (this option is in the upper left part of the screen).


When setting the dimensions of the document click ” OK “, this will create your canvas. Now select “Horizontal text tool” (which you will find in the toolbar on the left side), and with this create the box where your text will go in the design.

Once you have done it, you will see that you can configure all kinds of options, such as size, font, color, among others. Define everything as you want and proceed to write the text.

Finally give control + A or command + A (the first option is for Windows and the second for MAC), this will select all your text, so that you can choose the options in the application menu: ” Edit “, then ” Transform ”, and finally “ Invert horizontal ”. With that, the process of inverting the text will be completed in less than 3 minutes (with practice it will take you seconds).

Add outline to texts in Photoshop

Now that you have learned how to invert or flip a text in Photoshop, it is time to go to another level in the editing of your texts, and this is creating outlines to make them stand out from a background.

The first thing you have to do is open Photoshop and select ” New “, having the canvas, go to the text tool, in this look for the background that you want to place your writing and click ” Open “, and then proceed to click on it and write the text.

To highlight the writing, go to the selection menu and choose ” All “, then choose the font and font size in the drop-down menu of the writing tools window, and also select the color (preferably light).


At the end, click on ” Accept “, then go to the ” Effects ” window and choose “Exterior lighting” , once you are inside this option, change the mode to normal, the blur to 3, the intensity to 600 and the opacity to 100. Finally, choose a color again, but this time dark.

And you’re done with that, your text should be with an outline, highlighting the letters and colors to make your design look great. With that you learned everything you needed to do about inverting or flipping text in Photoshop, and you also know how to contour your letters to make them look better than before.


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